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Nov. 16, 2009

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I actually think the stadium should seat at least 80,000+. I don't agree that the NFL would never have a super bowl here, or any other big event like the NCAA's. Look at what the Jerry Jones dome in Dallas has going on all the time and the key thing here is Vegas vs. Dallas, a no-brainer in my opinion.

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We also need to think of this as a way to help UNLV get into a better conference. If we can manage to get our football team competitive and go to a few bowl games and along with a very successful basketball team and hopefully a competitive baseball team that goes to the playoffs year in and year out, just think of the number of conferences who will be knocking our doors down wanting us to be in their conference.(Stay away Big East!)

Pretty much sure that would happen.

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Colorado State University just announced today that it was moving forward to replace it's off-campus stadium with a new on-campus stadium. They too acknowledge the importance of putting the stadium on campus as it would attract recruits, students and further inhance the student atmosphere.

We don't have a choice but to move forward with this. The competition for recruits and students is vital to UNLV and this will enhance the campus further.

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There is some great "Back & forth" going on here with the posts.

One thing I think everyone will agree on is the desire to see the football program succeed. There are great points on both sides. That shows the passion for wanting a winning footbal program here. Unfortunately, our numbers are very few. I have never understood the lack of interest in this football program throughout all the years I have been involved with it and watching from the sidelines. Regardless of how successful our basketball team is, football is far more important to me and I think everyone in this town should understand how important it is to have a successful football program.
I think one of the reasons the president and the AD were hired was to bring in top notch athletic teams to this university. Hiring Coach Rice has paid off big time after only 1 year, based on the recruiting classes he has brought in.

How about Coach Hauck? Despite what some people say, at the time he was hired he was considered one of the top head coach prospects out there.

Has he been a failure? Still a little too soon in my opinion. He has only had 2 years. I gave him a pass on the first year because of his late hire and the fact that we had an impossible schedule to deal with. Fast forward to today. Are there improvements? Yes, in some areas. We finally got a great quarterback in Sherry but he is only a freshman. Despite the lack of patience from a lot of you, he is just a kid and has to grow. He seems to have gotten better with each game. The team is bigger and they are faster. That is another positive sign.

The negatives are the lack of disclipline and the poor play calling, which has actually gotten a little better the last 2 games. The defensive secondary needs a lot of help in the recruiting department.

The way I see it now we should beat Colorado State, Wyoming and New Mexico. That would get us 4 wins, double what we had the past 2 years and the coach keeps the job for a crucial next season. I know a lot of you think that is unacceptable but I guarantee you that the AD and the president will be happy with that progression.

If you are not happy with that then the only alternative is to pass the hat around and buy out Haucks contract. Think that can't be done? Look at what Nebraska did when they got fed up with Callahan after 3 years. The boosters paid him a few million to make him leave. All of the big programs do that. Sorry folks, but I don't see a whole lot of money being brought in to buy out the coach. The university would look very bad in paying him off and then we go back to square one.

So until the season is over I have to wait. We all do. I know the president and the AD are as well. In the mean time we should at least support the kids on the team. Isn't that what it is all about anyway?

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bobthebuilder; More educated poster?

I would think that a more educated person who hates the university and the football team as you do would not waste their intellect on even posting here. Kind of makes you look foolish and not too bright.

As for the game, again we continue to get killed by our own stupid penalties. Does this coaching staff even discuss this with the team? This is the responsibility of the coaching staff to get these penalties under control! Have the players who commit these penalties run gassers or something, please!

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