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Jan. 24, 2012

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Gerry: Under U.S. law, if you give your private information to a company, it becomes THEIR property to use as they see fit with no obligation at all to tell you about their plans, much less to ask if their planned use is OK with you. It would take FEDERAL legislation to change that. And I can't even IMAGINE the lobbying such a proposal would pull out of the woodwork. It would overwhelm anything "WE the People..." could possibly counter with.

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Per Teamster, 12:33 a.m.

"Neighborhood watch ARE NOT SUPPOSED TO BE ARMED,


Neighborhood watch are ONLY supposed to call

Very true - of formally organized neighborhood watches. Unfortunately, when, the umbrella organization for formal "Neighborhood Watch" programs, was asked, it replied that George Zimmerman was NOT a member of one of their groups. USAonWatch provides a variety of training materials, coordination with local police departments, a variety of formal training programs, and a variety of other services. Zimmerman was NOT acting in accord with their policies. (See report at )

There are, however, a variety of informal community watch organizations, some of which appear to be no more than vigilante groups that will accept ANY behaviour. Zimmerman may have been a member of one of these informal organizations.

Note that, while the Neighborhood Watch logos are subject to trademarks held by National Sheriffs' Association, the name itself appears not to be a trademark - meaning anyone can use it for any purpose, while holding to any desired set of standards and/or organizational structure, or even none at all.

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Three comments about the above discussion.

1) Was Zimmerman guilty of unlawfully shooting Martin? NOT PROVEN beyond a reasonable doubt, so the jury had no choice but to rule "Not Guilty." (We need to add another possible verdict - "Not Proven.")

2) Was Zimmerman innocent in the shooting? That's a whole different kettle of fish. In my opinion, NO WAY! He willfully instigated the whole thing by stalking Martin. It appears Martin was killed solely because he dared to stand HIS ground - and was succeeding at it, but with no witnesses. At least none who came forward. In the time-worn southernism, he was being "uppity."

3) Regarding racism in the South. ALL that has changed is that the sharp points of southern racism have been worn off so they no longer show above the surface. Otherwise the old time racism is still there in all its "glory," floating just barely below the surface.

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That appears to be quite a comment, you submitted at 5:10 a.m., MarcJeric32. But I read no more than the first two sentences. Why? BECAUSE THE SECOND ONE WAS TOTALLY WRONG!!! You claim "Nobody asked the question - what was that 6'-2" hoodded 17-year old gangsta-in-the making doing in that gated community where he got access by illegally jumping the fence?"

It was widely broadcast from day one that he and his father were visiting his father's fiancee and her son at their townhome. And NOTHING about his "illegally" entering the community. And then couple all that with your racist assumption about "gangsta-in-the making."

If your lead is so bad, why should I waste my time reading further?

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BChap (Bradley Chapline): at 8:02 a.m. you commented that "It's a shame in admitting to, but I'm seeing more and more Democrats come out with the cruelty, callousness, spitefulness, malice, heartlessness and nastiness that have traditionally been taken and held by Republicans."

Unfortunately I have to agree with you. It can, at times, be very difficult to avoid a "tit for tat" tactic. Particularly when the "tat" extends over a long period of time and gains increasing media coverage.

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