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July 1, 2010

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Was it God wish or did Sharron let God down?:________Moses and Job and David and Elijah and Daniel and Noah and Ester and Jael Heroes all. They did not let God down on their missions. Or maybe God was not pleased that Sharron CHOSE to run the anti Hispanic ad? Despite teaparty (never use caps-it does not deserve respect) belief; God's children do come in many colors. Regardless;--- her loss WAS, OF BIBLICAL PROPORTIONS!

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Hey if you are on a mission from God, and lose the election is it a sin? Is that covered in the good book? Are election tenets in the Old Testament or the New? I would think failing a mission from God would carry a pretty stiff penalty? Do you still get into heaven? Most importantly-After all of the pronouncements of Jesus on the poor and the meek-how do explain to St Peter that you supported tax breaks for the rich and thought the unemployed were spoiled? How ya gonna tell God that you opposed medical care for the poor; and fought to keep it only for the privileged?

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notacon great post!

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Congrats on a great call Jon! Thanks for being a Journalist. Not many of you left. Some of us remember when the 4th estate was not just sounds bites to sell ads. You are a throw back-And that is a high compliment!

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All of the pundits who have predicted a GOP sweep in November have overlooked one important thing-you conservatives have kicked moderate Republicans to the curb-you insult them with the moniker-Rino-and consider them traitor's. How are moderate Republicans going to vote? Think moderate Republicans want women back in the kitchen? Think moderate Republicans want text books rewritten with evolution removed? Think moderate Republicans want prayer in school? Whose prayers? Think moderate Republicans are watching glenn beck? Think moderate Republicans agree with the "lemonade from lemons" statement? Moderate Republicans are not going to vote for Angle-and you in the teaparty have yourselves to thank for that.

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