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March 22, 2010

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"Why did Tariq C. kidnap and torture and rape and the case went nowhere?"

Norm, this case went nowhere because Vice didn't have a cooperative victim. Why was the victim uncooperative? It was because instead of allowing Vice to handle the incident, you chose to take matters into your own hands - which resulted in the victim nearly getting kidnapped (for a second time) and shot by Tariq.

"Why is Talesha Jamerson stabbed dead at Bally's before she even turned 20 and what was done to her pimp?"

Her pimp wasn't the one who stabbed her to death. That was done by Latrovia Reed, who was prosecuted for murder.

"The Metro Vice unit has been in massive neglect of duty. This is one reason I got fired---for trying to focus on their absolutely pathetic enforcement over the last several years."

You lost your job because of your arrogance. You were absolutely obsessed with the belief that you knew more than Vice and that you could do it better than Vice. How many of your investigations ever led to the arrest and successful prosecution of a pimp? None. Don't you find it at all ironic that a unit you have deemed to be in "massive neglect of duty" has convicted the likes of Duncan, Fleming and Sharpe AFTER you lost your job? Is it possible all of your focus on Vice's job was actually sabotaging Vice's efforts? It's certainly something to consider.

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"These two clowns should have been put in prison years ago. "O-Dog" was operating at the escort service building on Industrial Road for a long time and was well known. He was on the radar of patrol officers long before September 2011."

My dear, dear Norman, you still fail to understand so much. First, both Sharpe and Fleming (and others like them) have spent time in prison for crimes of violence. The problem is they don't get rehabilitated. They just learn to become better at their criminal crafts. As far as Fleming is concerned, I know you like to think that you and your patrol officers were the only ones paying attention to his activities; however, both Fleming and Sharpe (amongst many others) have been on the Vice Section's radar for many, many years. Sooner or later, they all will fall.

"Both were very active on the Strip and well known to patrol officers...who did not receive the support of the Vice unit."

What a crock. Patrol has always had the full support of Vice. You just believed that you were entitled to a daily briefing on the progress of covert investigations -- which wasn't going to happen, as this is how investigations get compromised. Further complicating matters is the fact that you never did understand the challenges of putting together a successful pandering case against a "run-of-the-mill" pimp - let alone one of the stature of a Fleming, Sharpe or Duncan. This series of articles has done an excellent job of explaining these challenges. These articles have also done an excellent job of highlighting a decade long battle the Vice Section has been engaged in to get anybody outside of the section to take these crimes seriously. Now that some headway is being made in that regard, you are seeing success. There's a lot more coming.

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Perhaps Mr. Uehling would be so kind as to explain how "government prohibition of prostitution" created "the market for child prostitution" and "created the job of Pimp for Darrell".

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"There are readers who might have difficulty differentiating between the illegal sex trade and human trafficking, and that of the established legal brothels. They are vastly different."

"On the other hand, there exists LEGAL Brothels which are provided under law, and are regulated by local and state laws, as well as within the establishment. Absolutely NO ONE works in such a place who is underage, is under any manipulation or psychological duress to do so, and contrary to illegal sex trade, are free to do as they will, quit at any time. The participants are professionals who have elected to do their services as a chosen career, follow laws, and pay taxes. No harm done."

Star: Not all of those providers involved in the illegal sex trade are victims of human trafficking, although most certainly are. While not all legal brothel workers are victims of human trafficking, many are, in fact, forced to work in such places through "manipulation or psychological duress". This manipulation and/or duress doesn't come from the brothel owner, but from the pimp who places her there in the first place. The thought that licensed, regulated brothels are free from the common ills associated with the illegal sex trade is very shortsighted. A brothel provides a safe haven from the dangers associated with "johns," nothing more. Many pimps view them as a place where they can desensitize a girl to the idea of selling herself. They also see them as places to recruit.

"I do have the knowledge that there are prostitutes that enjoy their work, have families, go to church, send their children to our schools, and live an otherwise pedestrian life."

Star: I have no argument with this statement. There are some to which this certainly applies. To think that it applies to every provider in a brothel, however, is ludicrous.

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@KillerB: You are wrong. Now, you may speculate as to whom was the driving force behind these laws, but it doesn't change the fact that it is the cited NRS that allows the involved officers to "get their attorneys for free." To say otherwise is pure nonsense.

"Have you ever been part of the lawmaking process?" Yes, I have -- and you are correct in stating that "statutes have to pass Constitutional muster to be entirely valid." These statutes have been in existence for 33 years, and were last amended 25 years ago. They have yet to be challenged. Since you seem to be implying that the laws themselves are unconstitutional, you should step up to the plate and challenge them. Until a court agrees with your assessment, that assessment is nothing more than the opinion of an individual who thinks s/he knows more than s/he actually does.

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