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February 24, 2017

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May 7, 2011

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I would think that cutting education funding is not going to do anything to prevent more people going on welfare. Penny wise and dollar foolish.

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To JA,

I can understand your feeling that you provide jobs and health care to your employees so why should you have to pay more in taxes. Employer benefits to employees should probably be funded by a VAT. But I ask that you think about all of this rather than move out of state. The Democrats' plan to tax business revenues exempts the first $1 million. Congratulations if you can expect more than that in yearly revenues. I don't have the plan in front of me, but if memory serves the rate of this new tax is only about 2%. That is not going to break you, especially when you are able to pass it along in prices. Any tax you pay is passed along in prices which may have in impact on sales. But sales are the key. Would you rather have a $1 of sales or the 2 cents of new tax? This is why the Governor's insistence on no new taxes is so misplaced. If low taxes actually drives investment decisions, Nevada should be an economic paradise because we don't tax anything in this state. The Tax Foundation rates Nevada very high in the nation for its tax climate for business. What you need are customers and you don't get those by firing teachers and other public employees. And don't forget, your employees pay taxes too. Do they want a tax cut or a job? I hope this is helpful.

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