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February 19, 2017

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Afi James
Jan. 17, 2010

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Both Parties are puppets of the global elite and banks and get off the tea party/ows nonsense, nobama's no better than bush, he signed the NDAA and pushed it down our throats and other stuff, it makes me sick, I'm glad I'm a libertarian, both parties are more of the same

and by the way, global warming is nothing but a damn hoax for the new world order and ya'll f****** need to wake up.

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Lets face it the state, municipalities, and counties are broke! however the feds have money to burn still! As a former state employee... we should open a printing press and just print more money like the fed. that would fix all our problems. lol.
I hate inmates. They are a disease on soceity. however, liberals usually support these people... Think of the term, "correctional facility" that makes sense, not! What exactly are we correcting? We are just removing these people/inmates from soceity. We are not disciplining any one. We need to bring back chain gangs! If a kid goes to prison, his hommies love him and he learns nothing. There is no consequences for anyone's actions. Prisoners have it easy. Every thing comes to them for free... and they still beg they're families for money! This money is used for soda and candy bars that they can buy in prison.

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Ely and Lovelock prisons are also on 12 hour shifts to save the state money. The other 6-10 prisons are on 8 hour days. c'mon people, there are no jobs out in these rural counties as it is, and now we are going to take that too from these people. Don't forget Ely holds the most violent offenders we have in this state (max prison) and lovelock is still half sex offenders. If these inmates were to escape... I would rather have them roaming the rural towns than near me.

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