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Jan. 14, 2009

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I was looking for a special gift for my husband's 40th b-day & my second child's 1st b-day. A friend suggested that I try this place & thought I might find something there. To my disappointment, I was treated so badly there by the owner. I previously browsed the store the day before and another lady working there that day gave me some really good ideas and was very helpful. When I returned two days later with my daughter to create the items, the owner was EXTREMELY RUDE, CONFRONTATIONAL and UNPROFESSIONAL. As soon as I got there, she showed no interest in assisting me w/my questions nor she ever offered any help when I walked in. She was so occupied with whatever she was doing that she was ignoring my questions. When I asked her if she was the owner, she immediately got irate with me. I told her that it's disappointing because the other lady was more helpful than her. She immediately got on my face and started yelling at me in front of my 3 yr. old She was so bothered that I was asking her too many questions.

It is very disappointing to get this kind of customer service especially from the owner. It is hard to imagine in today's economy that any business would treat customers who are willing to spend money for their product so poorly.

Thankfully, I found another place that provides the same products and services and have excellent customer service and treated me great. I highly recomment THE ARTFUL POTTER located at Eastern and Serene.

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