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February 21, 2017

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June 24, 2009

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Wow, a lot of hate and ignorance on here. There is a railway between LA and Vegas... It's called the Union Pacific Railroad... Might remember that Vegas was started as an outpost for the railroad.

Tax payers wouldn't pay for the DesertXpress since it's "Privatley Funded."

The monorail would turn valuable with connections to the Vegas terminal, which in turn, would elimate the need for a car once passengers arrived here. (This would get all those bad californian drivers off our crowded streets!)

The major problem that the DesertXpress has chosen to ignore thus far is how valuable it would be to Las Vegans to travel to SoCal. (We do like to go on vacations too.)

From what I've read this is the first part of a proposal which later would lead to connections to LA. Maybe if the government gives some money for the connections to the Victorville Terminal they could combine these two projects.

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