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Dec. 19, 2009

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If you don't pay your electric or gas bill, they shut off your service. With HOA's, we can not shut off any service so assessing fines is the only recourse we have to get you to pay. These homeowners knew there were HOA fees before buying the property. If you did not want to pay these fees, don't move into that house and buy a house in NLV where there are no HOA's and the neighborhoods look like crap! I live in a neighborhood with HOA's but are they are very relaxed and don't bother owners like Sun City.

(Suggest removal) 4/4/11 at 9:32 a.m.

Hey dlmvegas, we try to go after them but they won't pay their dues in the first place!!! So how can we go after them once they sell/leave their house and move out of state??! We have HOA to keep the value of our houses up and keep crime down. Look at older sections of LV or NLV, look at the crime and how crappy the houses look. I purchased my house being a REO and did not mind paying the dues, we worked it out that the closing/offered price was the final price. NO extra costs, taxes, HOA dues or nothing!! They had to work out who got paid, some went to the HOA, others went to unpaid garbage bills, some wnet to water and what was left went to the mortgage company. These investors can work out the same deals!!!! Go after banks, how when they close or go under??!

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I agree. I am on my HOA board and people don't understand what we have to deal with. It causes the HOA dues to go up because people don't pay their HOA dues. Some people have never paid dues, over 5 years now and are about to be forclosed on. And "they" want to pay only 9 months back!! What about the past 4 years that were nevered paid?? When you don't pay your phone, electric, gas, water bill, they turn off your service. What service can the HOA shut off??!! NONE!! So that is why we need to charge fees to collect money due. Must be nice to be an investor that has all this extra cash to buy many houses!! What about the people that can not afford 1 house!! What is maybe $2000 on top of the 100K they are paying for the foreclosed house!!

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Can we find out the names of the jurors to send them a card telling them how stupid they are! I said it once and I will say it again"don't REUSE syringes!! There are many drugs that are used in doctors' offices that are in larger than 1 time usage and you never hear cases about cross contamination. Why? Those doctors know that you don't reuse syringes and needles!! Go after the doctor and his office that caused this"oh wait, he declared bankruptcy so as not to deal with it. 500 million won't cure the 62 YO guy so why does he or the lawyers need it. Give away 500 million dollars of free drugs. There are a lot of people that don't have prescription drug coverage and that would help them.

(Suggest removal) 5/7/10 at 1:20 p.m.

Even if they used 1 time vials the untrained nurses and supervisors could have still cross contaminated the drugs because they reused needles and or syringes. They should NEVER reuse syringes! They were too cheap to buy new needles and syringes and wanted to save 25 cents!!! That is what it costs me at CVS when I get my syringes. You need to sue the doctors because they told the supervisors and nurses to reuse instead of use new. Part of the heath care reform that they passed should have included lawyer reform on suing heath care companies. So next time you get your meds and wonder why your co-pay has gone up, look right here.
I put it to you, if the drug companies should not sell larger vials of drugs then why can alcohol companies sell large bottles/cans of liquor? You are telling people it is OK to drink in excess. Liquor should only be sold in 1 oz containers and you can only buy 3 at a time. That would prevent people from becoming DUI. You never hear about the big liquor companies being sued because someone drank too much and killed someone while they were DUI. Or you never hear about the places that sold the liquor to the person being sued.
I am glad I see others in las Vegas that do not agree with the jury. They (the jurors) better not complain when their heath care costs go up. I will be there saying remember you agreed with the lawyer so now you pay up!!!

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