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July 20, 2008

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I have no idea who you are, and neither does Pat's daughter, but I would like to thank you for the kind words you expressed. Everything that you have said sums up all the feelings that I have.

As far as this keris chick is concerned, you're in another state, that's fine..... So, if you are in another state, your facts are just as educated as the next person that's getting the 2nd hand information reading the paper. You calling me stupid doesn't phase me. I know the truth, and obviously Sara does too, and we don't even know who she is. Pat should have lived. The young girl that is now without one of her legs should not be going through what she is going through: without 2 legs for the rest of her life. Steven Murray should have never been behind that wheel to begin with- that's a FACT that should have been checked from the beginning when he was getting to ready to walk out that door.
RIP Patricia Hoff! We love you and miss you!

(Suggest removal) 8/2/08 at 1:21 p.m.

First of all, keris, don't call me stupid, and second of all, don't call me uneducated. Like you said, CHECK THE FACTS: "When his wife visits his they are in two separate rooms only talking over monitors three days a week for 20 minutes." Your quote simply put, means that at least his wife gets to see him! Do you know how my best friend gets to see her mom? In an URN! Do you know that the 26 year old girl can not go run in the park with her small children anymore? I know the facts are that he was proven to have substances in his system and was charged with a DUII (Just one of the FEW charges he now has to face). I know that this GOD of a stepfather who turned Mormon (BTW, mormons don't worship crosses the way your photo op showed) did not have a drivers license, only a PERMIT, which means that he should not have even been behind the wheel! So all this love and support that you have been showering should have been first of all making sure that it was not him at 5:30am behind the wheel of the SUV! So, before you start calling names, why don't you take a step back and read your "ignorant" post on which one of us is "stupid" or "uneducated". The only statement that I have read that you have made that could be anything close to true, is that there is not anything anybody can do. It is done, that is true, but it's not. The proper thing that should have been posted is: "What has been done, has been done, and there is nothing anybody can do to turn back the hands of time and bring this woman back to life, or give this young girl the freedom of 2 legs back". With you sitting here, calling names, and trying to turn around that your family is now suffering will not get you any points from the public, because nobody but the amount of people that you can count on your little digits cares to hear. OOOOOHHHHHH! Wait! That's right, step-dad is now in prison facing the fact that he broke the LAWS, and the guilt of allowing him to do it is tearing you guys up inside! Ok, sweetheart, I see your loss now! I feel your pain now! Wait, I can't, because I am still grieving over a woman who had her life needlessly taken away! P.S.- Check your grammar. Some of us actually are "educated"! RIP Patricia Hoff

(Suggest removal) 7/30/08 at 8:13 p.m.

Well, being that I am a long time family friend of Patricia Hoff, let me tell you, that you can judge a book by it's cover! The mug shot of this man shows him wearing sun glasses! What would anyone think about a picture like that?

Second of all, the woman that is now gone, who was irreplaceable to many of us, would probably get very mad at me for speaking out about this matter, because as far as she was concerned, no one should speak ill of anyone, no matter what they did or said. I'm sorry, in memory of a great woman, I am going to!

If this man was that bad off that he had to take presription strength pain pills to function on a daily basis, then where was the family that loved him SO MUCH, that let him get behind the wheel at 5:30am with only a driver's PERMIT? Oh, and the comment about throwing someone under a bus- try being thrown in to an SUV!Also, according to ALL the witnesses, this man was NOT cut-off; like the family member that is speaking out said in her post, "How many drug addicts tell the truth?"

Here is a fact for the death of Patricia Hoff: she was sitting a bus stop at 5:30am, minding her own business, apparently having a day that was filled with life, and it a split second, that was taken from her by a man that was under the influence of God knows what, behind the wheel of a vehicle that he could not legally operate, and had to wear dark sun glasses for his mug shot to conceal what? As far as I am concerned, I will honor Pat's memory, I will not wish anything on him, but I will stand by my belief for karma. Whatever is now meant for him will be.

As far as the family of Pat is concerned, there is a great loss- the only side that ANYONE wants to hear is the side for her, not the "other side to every story".

As far as the family of the woman that is only 26 years old, my thoughts and prayers are with you and yours.

RIP Patricia Hoff

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