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Oct. 22, 2008

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to put an end 2 all do all the Anthems get away with discrimination by only allowing those 55+ to live there? this not discriminating against those in their 40s, 30s, etc.?..why have they never been taken 2 court?
if u don't want women & kids renting from you, there's a law stating u only can have "X" number of people per out a smaller home AND charge an incredibly high sec dep which will weed out the baby machines...let them live in an apt. where they belong.

(Suggest removal) 3/13/10 at 3:10 p.m.

i don't feel sorry 4 the Girards either...LIVE WITHIN YOUR MEANS...u have health problems - welcome 2 the club...u own 2 homes and wanted 2 make a huge profit...SELL the damn house, claim the loss on your taxes and quit your damn whining...people who have credit card debt, ARMs on their mortgages are adjustable rate has NEVER been a good idea because u cannot count on your salary increasing 2 justify the rate increasing...this is Vegas - Girards, u gambled and LOST...don't expect the government 2 bail u a MAN, get a part time job, cut your expenses, lower your heat, mow your own lawn and grow the hell up.

(Suggest removal) 3/13/10 at 3:03 p.m.

This is total b.s....being TOLD 2 whom u have 2 rent your house?..then she moves in w/3 kids, 3 more come in, all her relatives and they destroy the father 2 discipline and the kids take over and ruin the house...i'd be damned if some1 told me i HAD 2 rent 2 some1 w/kids...u can stipulate NO pets, but u can't stipulate NO kids - kids make way more damage than the sweet, 4-legged pets...i feel sorry 4 the agent because he got about STOP having kids and earning a degree, getting off welfare and supporting yourself?, working 4 a living - what a concept!

(Suggest removal) 3/12/10 at 1:01 p.m.

I vacationed here every year and the reason we came was for the excitement and THEMES...i can't afford 2 go 2 Egypt, France or Italy...but i can come here and see all that...this town is based / built on "magic" and the hope that u can win that i live here, it's almost embarrassing the way in which this city has changed - and not 4 the good...TI took down their cool sign and changed the pirate show...volcano was shut down 4 a year and now it's awful and uses so much less water, it's not even fun anymore...wynn has 2 resorts which u could see in any major town and city center is gawdy and r 2 escape our lives and see thing we can't see anywhere else...if i wanted a museum vacation, i would stay is NOT getting it right...return 2 the themes or suffer with lost revenue.

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