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Feb. 2, 2008

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Yes there is the issue of money - and it's killing men women and children. Because groups like ours that have been helping these victims for 37 years now are being actively claimed to "not exist" so someone can open up some group and start getting donations and grants to basically re-pimp these victims all over again. If they helped - that's one thing - but they don't. Which is why if you really want to help sex trafficking victims - then you need to be a "buyer beware" just as with any other product you'd buy. If however someone does want help - we help anyone, male or female, child or adult, religious or not - www.traffickingandprostitutionservices.o... and We also have a radio show at if you want to hear from real victims and real programs doing something about this. - Jody

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Could you please let the woman know about us in case we might be of any help to her?

You can read about the founder at

She moved here specifically to work with sex trafficking victims because she says that only in Nevada are there traffickers who are so much a part of the law enforcement structure here in Nevada. This means she can't get the assistance from the authorities here to help with victims the same as she does in other states.

Here is one example of what I mean -

When a victim is thinking about testifying against a trafficker - she knows that someone like this man will be able to track her down and there's no hiding after the trial because someone who used to be an IRS agent will be able to find anyone in two minutes. This is why so many victims here can't go to the authorities for help as they can in other states - hence why Jody said she had to move here to make herself more available to the victims.

Here - Mayor Oscar Goodman threatened Bob Herbert of the NY Times with a baseball bat to the head if he ever set foot back in Vegas after he published an interview with Jody about the state of trafficking here in Nevada.

Things like Judge Voy's courtroom where he only hears teenage prostitution cases. Jody has offered to work with these girls at no charge to the court system with her connections to get as many of them as need it into a residential program that she has connections with in many states that would welcome these girls into their residential treatment programs for prostitutes - or to connect them up with recovering prostitutes through Sex Workers Anonymous - yet he continues to tell the media that these girls have "no where to turn to for help" so he can try and drum up his $2,000,000 to build a residential program with only 14 beds (whereas he sees more than 14 prostitutes per day in his courtroom so this will not help the girls - and to put these girls in jail without any criminal charges which violates their civil rights whenever he feels like it. I mean imagine running a drug court without allowing the addicts to get referrals to an Narcotics Anonymous meeting or even get a Basic Text - and you see the insanity of how these programs are treating victims in this town and why Jody felt she had to move here in order to be here fully for them.

So could you please give these women Jody's number to contact so she can assist them in the healing that often is major after having been forced into sex work.

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You hit it on the head - people in sex work can be of any gender and age AND religion. This is why I'm grateful to Sex Workers Anonymous. They are all over the country, in Canada and even other countries like France. Anyone can belong and they have the right to a Higher Power of their own choice. We have members who are not only christian, but jewish, buddhist, muslem, and even athetists. Plus so many of us have to leave Nevada once we get free of the sex industry - so it's nice to be able to go anywhere and hit a meeting. Their recovery guide is awesome and I don't know what I would do without their phone and internet support. They have been around since 1987 and have talked to over 250,000 members. In states where they have been used as part of alternative sentencing programs - they have an almost 80 percent rate of recovery past the two year mark that most relapse before making. Plus they don't require a two million dollar budget and probation officers like Judge Voy is insisting the teens need. Their support is free.

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Abigail - you are not being an ethical reporter. You state that Melissa's funding was "questionable". I don't think funding from the state department is "questionable". You also made it sound like Melissa was the only one involved at the press conference - an "out of towner" yet I was there and so was Candice Jordan - both of us are Clark County residents. You also failed to note that the women speaking about the abuse and torture associated with prostitution were survivors - not just researchers. Dr. Brents and Dr. Hausbeck have failed to come to one press conference with the very women they have interviewed for their research to answer questions - Melissa Farley did. I was interviewed for the book, as were other women also present to answer questions. The findings were not just "antedotal" if the very women who she had interviewed were there to back up their statements in person. You guys are just like the tobacco industry - you only talk about how smoking "relaxes" you and is cool - nothing about addiction and lung cancer.

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