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April 26, 2008

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Yeah, once again the "do-gooders" will do almost anything to "save" us from ourselves. I've known people at both ends of the spectrum. The "stasher" who hoards narcotics and fills every prescription on time - and by their own admission - rarely uses them except for friends and get-togethers. Another friend - who has severe fibromyalgia and can just about walk - has to beg for 30 Lortabs every month.

Maybe both cases are legitimate. The "stasher" having the meds is psychologically able to stave off a possible addiction or dependence by having bottles of rarely used narcotics in the medicine cabinet. My other friend in obvious pain - maybe she just needs to cope with it, huh? Logical, I think not.

I think the state has a responsibility to educate the public regarding the effects of prescription narcotics - but I also strongly believe this is a private matter between doctor and patient. From my perspective - doctor's routinely under prescribe narcotic medication for fear of being sued or worse. My stepsister died from lung cancer (and she was not a smoker) and I remember her doctor telling me that either the morphine would kill her or the cancer. He was making sure that it would be the cancer. I can only imagine how much unnecessary suffering she underwent in the last weeks of her pro-longed life because of her doctor's fears of legal retribution.

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From the tv news pix the guy who did this looked like a drugged out scum bag. This particular bus stop is one of the few that is far enough away from the normal flow of traffic. I know because I live nearby and have taken the Boulder bus from that very kiosk when my car was down. However, I would never, ever sit in one of those bus kiosks - they are death traps. Remember the horrible (4 people) killed on Smoke Ranch about three or four years ago? I think they were also sitting in the kiosk. There have been other accidents as well. Whenever I take the bus, which is rare, I always stand facing traffic and at least 12 feet back from the stop/kiosk. The RTC needs to take a serious look at this mounting problem.

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Sandy needs a reality check. Las Vegas is not Vatican City. Las Vegas is not Disneyland. It seems that Las Vegas is becoming one of the last places that adults can smoke in a public area (casino).

Hey - maybe we should start closing the casinos. Stop smoking, period. People loose too much money gambling - addicts all! This would eliminate the need for all those hotel rooms, convention halls, and all the rest of casino related business. This would reduce air-pollution as people leave to find other employment - perhaps in Seattle. Las Vegas then would revert to it's wonderful, pre-1934, small town nature - smoke free!

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I find it rather curious - and I'm not some anti-government screamer - that public tax paid "databases" exist to those privileged few regarding personal health care - that are not readily available to the general public. That one or two "board members" or police determine who is "shopping" reeks of “big-brother.”

I understand the concept of maintaining some control over narcotic medication distribution - but every patient is different. This type of "oversight" could, and perhaps already does, intimidate doctors in properly medicating their patients. I have no specific solutions but I think (based on the article) that too much power is concentrated with too few people.

Perhaps it is time to consider "legalizing" some controlled substances (such as alleged in Canada and Mexico).

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Fir sure the gov's mansion has two!

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