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Jan. 22, 2010

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Has the oil spill in the gulf taught us anything? There is no such thing as foolproof and we have to think about what the consequences are if something were to go wrong at a fully functioning Yucca Mountain. We would not be talking about losing a couple of seasons of visitors on the strip - it would decimate life as we know it in Southern Nevada.

People can make this into a Reid issue if they want, but lets all take a moment to remember how awful keeping the nations nuclear garbage in our backyard would be...

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Why the constant negativity? If you read enough of the comments you would think that we should all pack up our bags and leave town. The "academics" might not have all the answers, but at least they are talking about making our state a better place in the future! We need to make changes now, so that we are not in this same bad place 20 years from now.

(Suggest removal) 4/6/10 at 9:08 a.m.

It is funny that Lowden will say that actual events didn't happen (car bombing attempt), but then manipulate other events to suit her campaign.

Lets also talk about the 300% increase in pensions. How much were the pensions before the increase that didn't actually happen? We pay our legislators almost nothing, which means that the only people that run for office are govt employees, wealthy, or is that a good representation of the people of our state?

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It is good to know that the rational republican thinkers are starting to voice their concern with the tea-party movement. Health-care, banking reform, the environment, and immigration reform and not just "liberal" issues. We need to work together, not focus on derailing the opposition, if we want to get anything done.

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How do you say that you want less government and then support a nanny-state type program like this? What if we had the police start pulling people over for not having a license plate? I know that you get pulled over and don't have insurance paperwork you will get a ticket.

Immigration has been an issue for states like Nevada for many years, but blaming all of our problems on "illegals" is simply ignorant.

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