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February 27, 2017

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Dec. 5, 2010

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"Required auto insurance is a state law, not a federal law."
Also you do not have to drive if you do not want to buy auto insurance.

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Looks like four innocent kids lost the only good parent they had when there father was murdered. What a shame they do not have lynch mobs anymore.

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These people are not homeless and have never been, the are just not living as comfortably as they would like.
I see real homeless people everyday and many have real problems that prevent them from being productive members of society; mental illness and drug addictions.
Also many choose to be bums, getting drunk first thing in the morning. They have gotten used to handouts from people to stupid to know better.
To the author of this story, I am sorry about your bruised ego. But you are not special and the world does not owe you anything. Time to suck it up and take whatever job you can find.
There have been times I have been out of work, I just had the sense to take what ever minimum wage job I could. Then find a cheap place to sleep until I could make things better. You can make a buck go along way when you really need to.

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