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Aug. 24, 2010

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What a great school with wonderful students. Ms. Greene always had a smile when I saw her in the halls at LVHS. Nice to read this great story about her and her families support for her education. I wish the sun and lvrj would concentrate more on these stories, or at least acknowledge the large population of fantastic students and staff when they report on larger CCSD material. Thanks for making my day over here in Norway Natasha. Enjoy your summer, you deserve it :)

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If schools are such a failure then how did we get to the moon, develop MRI machines for medical diagnosis, discover planets outside our solar system, build computers inexpensive enough for every home yet powerful enough to write a dissertation on and yet foster an environment where people can open a family business and be successful? Easy answer, an educated public thanks to schools.
Yes standards can and should be increased but come on posters like gbigs get a grip and at least accept some of the accomplishments we have made thanks to education.

(Suggest removal) 9/21/10 at 5:25 p.m.

I'd be curious how far down the candidate list Rogers is and some of the current CCSD administrators. Say what you want, at least Rogers and current CCSD administrators have a vested interest in Clark County. Trying to convince an outsider to care will be a battle in itself.

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Considering how the university system trains societies future doctors, lawyers, teachers, accountants, engineers, etc..... and our University sports programs trains maybe 4 or 5 future "professional" players I suggest in the economic crisis the state/university system look at suspending all athletic funding (if they can raise their budget by having a bake sale then let them fund that way) until things turn around.
How many of us would really miss watching UNLV or UNR games with all the sports provided on cable?

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I hope the staff sticks to their policy of removing "off topic" posts. Other wise you will lose another/more reader and good luck surviving LVSun

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