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February 23, 2017

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Skip Blough
June 26, 2011

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Mr. Skowronski, paper money has no intrinsic value beyond the faith that it represents value. Faith can erode quickly. Austrian Economist Ludwig Von Misses said that when money is printed to excess, at some point every unit printed debases the currency and results in hyper-inflation. History has seen numerous examples, the results of which were catastrophic. When does that happen? No one knows for sure. What happens when it does? One cannot own enough printed currency to sustain one's lifestyle. Currency based holdings become worthless. You also say that U.S. corporate income taxes (among the highest in the world) should be raised. When that occurs, global corporations move their Headquarters offshore to avoid paying taxes. Wouldn't it make more sense to lower corporate income tax rates to encourage more global companies to relocate and pay taxes in the U.S.? It would increase treasury revenues exponentially.

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Is the North Las Vegas Police Union is telling us that they cannot or will not protect its citizens? How far will they go to prove it? I no longer trust them, based on their rhetoric. When the city council asked them to share in wage and benefit cuts, THEY chose instead to operate with fewer police officers. Their choice. Now they are erecting signs that tell us that they cannot guarantee our safety. Well that has never been the case. I take my personal security very seriously. If someone breaks into my house, the police are never going to be there until after the fact, I don't care how many police officers there are. Based on my own dedication to personal security, I plan to be alive when they finally do arrive. The perps will make their own choices.

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The City of North Las Vegas has been filling the local news all week. When I moved here in 2006, it was dubbed as the fastest growing city in the U.S. Shortly thereafter the city voters elected a new Mayor, Sheri Buck. Lets look at her record: She refuses to support any cuts in public safety, beholden to the unions that supported her election. When the first city council position that voted for shared sacrifice by all employees came up for reelection, Mayor Buck handpicked her neighbor and very publicly supported his election. That election is still in doubt. The Mayor has shown she would rather close the cities' pools, parks, libraries and other services to maintain her union support. The same unions that have placed the following sign on our city streets: "WARNING -- Due To Recent Police Layoffs We Can No Longer Guarantee Your Safety." The Assistant Fire Chief has spent the last seven months in Carson City, while drawing a full city salary. Mayor Buck has ordered a new sewage plant to begin discharging wastewater into the County's Sloan Channel after failed negotiations. By any measure North Las Vegas suffers a failure of leadership. Mayor Sheri Buck is leading the city to financial default and a takeover by the State of Nevada. What business or citizen would want to move here now? When will the citizens in North Las Vegas become active and recall this dysfunctional Czar?

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The U.S. debt is going to take out Medicare, Medicade and Social Security through insolvency. Those who think the U.S. Government printing presses can continue the deficit spending are living in lala land. Are you really prepared for the catastrophic failure that is coming? I think not. People think it can't happen. The people in Greece still can't believe it is happening. Are you ready for that? If they taxed every American at 100% it would still not balance the budget. Do the math.

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Why aren't we looking at Thorium-fueled Molten Salt Reactors? 1 lb. of Thorium equals 300 lbs. of uranium, or 1200 windmills or 20 sq. miles of solar panels. It is walkaway safe and Thorium is 4 times more abundant than uranium. A Thorium MSR is so safe it can be located in or adjacent to population centers eliminating the 30% power waste lost to the grid. A Thorium MSR burns 99% of the fuel, and the waste is radioactive at dangerous levels for only a few hundred years, vs. tens of thousands of years for uranium which burns only a max of 3% of the fuel. Thorium MSR's can be scaled to a minimum of 50 megawatts.

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