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February 24, 2017

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May 29, 2013

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Simply put, Harry Reid is a liar. Anyone willing to take the time to read the Congressional Record of the Senate from May 23, 2013 will see this for themselves. I've always felt that it wouldn't be a bad assignment for students in any class on how the U.S. government works to take turns briefing each day's Congressional Record for the class--much like law students are chosen to brief cases in law school. The Record is a valuable source of information as to what's really going on in Washington. Reid also compares what the Republicans are doing to Obama(according to him that is) to that of a baseball team manager not being able to pick his own team. "Team" is a strange term to be using when referencing judicial nominations. I would certainly hope the nation's judges are not considered to be players on Obama's "team". Nice going Senator!

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