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Jan. 30, 2009

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Dear God, Please let us stop paying to help the needy and aflicted. Please take away the pay,and benifits,from the greedy public employee. Please lord I beseech you to stike from the minds of our legislators any thought of a 2% business tax.
Lord smite those who would think of taxing my casino profits.
your humble casino owner.

(Suggest removal) 2/3/09 at 1:26 p.m.

Wow! the Arogance of some of our business commenters. Just because they own the govenor, and had as close to a tax free ride during the boom times as any state has given I can see where they get it from. Now you can hybernate with your money and ask the state to strip its services to the ignorant masses to preserve your money. Time to have fair taxes in this state! Quit adding taxes to the general people and tax business.

(Suggest removal) 2/3/09 at 1:16 p.m.

we are in the middle of a propaganda barrage. the casino industry, Las Vegas Chamber of commerce, and the mining industry has been flooding the news with spin to make us believe in the overpaid public employee. Millions are being spent by business to stop any new taxes. The Result if they win is stripped government services and bigger profits for big business.
bailout business and they pay themelves huge bonuses!

(Suggest removal) 1/30/09 at 12:26 p.m.

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