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Oct. 21, 2012

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Hoping everyone will be okay. How terrifying an experience.

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Many men are attempting the same type of structure without the consent of the married wife.
If these people are consenting, the structure follows the basic tenets of "marriage or civil union" as society currently has produced as a standard to follow, what is wrong with it?
Human animals set the standards for human animals to follow for social normatives. As long as these people are consenting to this union, and none are harmed by it but, are nurtured within this union, I will not be the person to deny them what works for them and any offspring that are produced from this union.
Is this union self-sustainable? Is this union as nurturing and supportive as described? Will there be more damaging fall-out than exists from duos? If not, more power to them, and let them continue to support and nurture one another.
Is this a phenom and realised extremism of the political right?
Or, is the antagonism toward such a family, simply the result of the puritanical leftovers from the country we once fled and the the biblical thumping of missionary ancestors of our forefathers?

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