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Aug. 31, 2008

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You mentioned Vera and the ACLU. Are you aware the prisoners do NOT want either. I have dismissed both. Both, in my opinion, work for Skolnut.

They are truly disingenuous to the human race when it comes to defending anything more than a street vendor passing out his cards for houses of prostitution and call girl services.
That's my opinion, and I'm sticking to it. I know the prisoners can't be that wrong.

You know, if the prisoners don't trust either--something is wrong with these organizations, when it comes to defending prisoners and their causes. The prisoners say the ACLU just confounds the issues and makes it easier for the State to win the cases against them. "WOW"! That's a mouthful to say about our defenders of the American Constitution.

Must be the reasons the OATH KEEPERS chartered up. Couldn't stand the false collection plate of the ACLU--for the good of American Citizens.

However, I do know what they mean. There is no law enforcement agency in America afraid of this organization--under any circumstances.

Please, don't wish these organizations on the prisoners. Just a suggestion... As for Vera, they just told me that are in partnership with Skolnut, as he is the reason they are allowed to view the sorry circumstances of Nevada Prisons. You know, after hearing that sound bite, the prisoners will get a fair shake.

Sure they will...


(Suggest removal) 11/21/09 at 12:23 a.m.


I love you assessment of this murder. A.G. Mastos is right on. She is vile and way over the top for being any kind of woman, or person. I'd tell you what she really is, but they don't allow that kind of language on the radar.

You're right--it is a cover up.

Here's the real question: Why has one story stated McDaniels as laughing, the other story has him yelling about going in to stop the hanging--as if he cared.

You are right, two stories = cover up for the ass fat blob, who now cares about his charges.

Yeah, sure!


(Suggest removal) 11/21/09 at 12:01 a.m.


As a citizen of Nevada, and knowing the corruption of our state's paid political parasites, and how they react to truth, I'd say: "Please, no comments on my letter". The truth that was just stated in your letter--does the rightful job of exposing these pitiful, sorry State Administrators, for what they really are: "NOTHING BUT SCUM SUCKING PIGS".

But, there are other murder issues than just your brother, many others. Let's explore just one of the others that recently took place in Ely, Nevada. For the record, my condolences to your family on Nolan's murder at the hands of the Nevada Department of Corrections medical buffoons.

That said, let the Governor also explain the murder of TIM REDMAN, #32765, yesterday, 11-18,2009--at Ely State Prison. While locked away in a single man cell.

Ely State Prison warden, E. K. McDaniels, and his correctional staff are responsible for Tim Redman's murder. Governor! please explain this murder...Maybe, A.G. Mastos could jump in and help you put the spin on this murder, too.

Please explain 5 cans of Mace sprayed on Mr. Redman, while your correctional staff watched this man hang himself--while alone in a single man cell and sprayed like a bug?

Please explain, I love good mythical stories.

Governor, would you please explain why the Warden McDaniel's was laughing all the time this murder was taking place. I know what a joker Warden McDaniels is to all those around him, and you, but this was over the top--even for this 500# blob of poly saturated fat.

Naturally, the murder of this man is just my opinion, but an opinion shared by many other good citizens of this state.

I can hardly wait for the affidavits to come pouring in to tell the real story of this man's murder. Governor, are you ready to bring charges of murder against your finest murders that Nevada has to offer--for penal rehabilitation? Just asking? You're the man!

Happy story telling time.

Respectfully submitted. "Yeah, sure"!

Donald Hinton, Sr.
Spartacus Project of Nevada

(Suggest removal) 11/20/09 at 9:34 p.m.

For the record:

I have just left the offices of the FBI and filed my complaint against Lovelock State Prison for the actions of their criminal guards, by threatening prisoners with the hole, if they didn't place contraband and/or knives--into cells of other prisoners.

The institution, the warden, the associate wardens, and some guards at Lovelock State Prison, all were notified about this criminal bahavior of their guards, but nothing. I really shouldn't forget to say: The Governor and the Prison Commissioners were all notified in a public meeting. Does cover up have any meaning to you guys in the taxpaying public?

It is our taxpayer's money that condones this type behavior, and without exception of most of Nevada's public servants--which are mostly morons and idiotic. I know the Governor and the Prison Commissioners fall in that category. My opinion, of course!

Have a nice day Nevada...

(Suggest removal) 11/17/09 at 4:59 p.m.

To David1961:

One thing I didn't see in your rant for the police department is the murder of 156 citizens without benefit of a trial for their guilt. Stick around -- you may be next.

Does Ice Cream and murdered in front of her children mean anything to you? Of course not. You've lived here for so long things like that are common.

As for living here: "You've got to be kidding"! What is special about this town? Corrupted police. Corrupted and thieving casinos. Houses of prostitution with the blessing of the state. OH, Yeah, you've got a wonderful town. I'm leaving, without any help or suggestion from you and yours. What you've got here is your own making. It is disgusting.

When your children are old enough--tell them how much you love this town. That is: "if your children survive the police". You might also give thought to the young boy recently murdered by Metro in front of his mother. Ain't you proud? Hell, you might not make it yourself...

Be careful what you wish for--you might just get it--in the back from Metro!

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