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February 24, 2017

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Oct. 10, 2011

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and who agrees with me on my last post?

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and all i have to say is a simple game can make fans mad about simple stuff like the name of a university. who cares. as long as colleges are not getting cut is what counts in our state. because allot of people want to go to college. and sports help bring money to the areas economy. so i hope Sandoval dose not make anymore cuts to the university system. because we need these things to help bring more students to these schools. and more people to our area. to bring more money to the state.

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i agree with UNLV. and UNLV i hope your team improves this year. who do you play next? i hope you guys win. good luck to the pack and the rebs this year.

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but either way both university's are important to our future generations to do what high school students wan to do after high school go to college.i just hope with this budget crisis they don't cut anything else from Nevada or unlv. and soe anyone know when college of southern Nevada plays western Nevada college for baseball and softball?

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