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February 21, 2017

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Feb. 6, 2009

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Another great idea by our local government because gas prices are not high enough we need to make them higher.

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Why do people blame the manufacturer of games or what ever product when it is the buyer or the parents that should decide if they want to buy the product or let their kids use it. I think the investing of any company should be based upon if it is a viable producer financially as in a tax base & producer of local jobs. When you start to limit free speech or the freedom of a company to produce what product they want & let the consumer be the judge if the product should exist or not.

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1st of all it's clear that what ever is going in & out of the light is only glowing from the Luxor's light & not by themselves. The video is taken from far away it could be bugs or bats or something flying in & out of the light & on camera it appears to be a glowing orb. I will bet anyone that wants to argue with me that this is not aliens or ghost or super natural.

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All the companies that paid this guy for internet traffic know exactly what he was doing & they all should be punished along with this jerk!

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This is what is wrong with all of our politicians, they spend tax payers money like it was their own & they were all rich. In reality they could care less about us regular folks. This goes for all of them without exception. If any one of them cared they would stop all of the pork barrel B.S. add- on to bills that have nothing to do with the original bill, all of their own private medical benefits & retirement plans. Lower the cost of gas & stop giving away our money to other countries when we are under & unemployed plus all of the poor & homeless in the US. If we corrected all of our own problems stood out of other countries we would all be living well & then we could help out others once we are a stable country again. As I see it in 10yrs the dollar will be worthless & the rich & politicians will be the haves & the lower middleclass & poor will be other group, the have nots. This will lead to the down fall of a great country unless we stop the political BS have one true government & do what is right for the country not the politicians & a select few individuals.

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