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February 24, 2017

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Dec. 14, 2009

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Great :( news to wake up to. Glad to read that the injuries were only minor. This is another example of why riders must always keep a sharp eye out behind themselves when slowing or stopping. If nothing else, a check to the rear about every 6 seconds to get the big picture. Here, as in the previous accident involving two motors, if LVMPD posts up the results of their accident review it would provide knowledge to all riders and drivers.

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It would be of interest to have the final report of the investigators written up here as a follow-on. Best wishes to everyone on a speedy recovery and being back up on two for the motors.

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Amaro Goncalves: VP of sales, Smith and Wesson.

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Being a repeat customer for Whittlesea/Henderson Cab Co. and calling about 1 hour prior to pick-up has worked well. The company recognizes my return as a customer--saving information gathering time--and can get a cab to the pick-up point withing 10 minutes +/- of my request time. I have been fortunate to go from near the 215 and Windmill to the aircraft gate in as little as 21 minutes (including security) and never has it taken longer than 35 minutes. Cost: around $19 + tip. Hey, it's Vegas, BETTER LUCKY THAN GOOD, ANYTIME! Good luck to all and best of holidays.

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