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Feb. 15, 2009

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Steve Wynn does not think Las Vegas is a place of
wasteful spending I bet the folks that have gambled
and have lost their money would disagree,and the folks that have woke up the next day realizing that they were robed after a night of so called partying at over priced nightclubs,and bars.when someone says lets go to Vegas,everyone knows what
that means (lets go blow some money to feel better about ourselves).President Obama speaks the truth,
and some times we can not handle the truth

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I could understand outrage if president Obama made
this comment, and it was not true that this corporation did not have a plan trip to Las Vegas,
and the President was using Las Vegas as an example of corporate excess. The fact that this was a planned trip on the tax payers dime, is an insult to most Americans. I think the fact that Mayor Oscar Goodman was leading the charge to legalize prostitution,should be more of a concern,for the image of our city when it comes to future corporate events, and conventions,some companies book events to Las Vegas for want Las Vegas is about, and some companies stay as far away from sin city as possible because of how that may be viewed. You can't have your cake and eat it to, Peace.

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