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Sept. 19, 2009

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Let me get this straight. The writer of the article said, "I moved to Las Vegas more than five years ago. I defended living here to ignorant out-of-towners and disgruntled locals. However, I'm slowly joining their ranks." So the writer is basically saying he is slowly becoming an ignorant out-of-towner and disgruntled local? That's an interesting admission.

(Suggest removal) 12/29/10 at 4:03 p.m.

@steve...I definitely was not thinking what you were thinking. Should they have used Paris Hilton or maybe you?

@murray...At least the people in the background do appear to be fat. So maybe they are at Burger King.

(Suggest removal) 11/5/10 at 3:24 p.m.

I think this has somthing to do with Obama and Harry Reid. There has to be a link somehow.

(Suggest removal) 9/17/10 at 1:59 p.m.

@chunky..suppose he is robbing the place and a customer pulls out a gun and shoots at the guy and misses. Suppose he hits another customer. The bar is not yours, the guy is robbing the place trying to get money. Money that can be replaced because customers will continue to get wasted there. Shootouts don't alwasy solve the problem. Give the punk what he wants and hope that the police will catch him. I learned along time ago that I am willing to let the soo called tough guy risk his life, while I answer questions on how it all unfolded.

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@Rancher..well let's see..Don't we have a choice as human beings? Hey..after I eat I get really sleepy and most people do. Should restaurants simply close down because someone could leave their establishments and fall asleep at the wheel and kill or injure someone? See how dumb that sounds. Basically, Wynn can do what he wants to do? I wont allow anyone I know in my house or car that uses drugs. That is my choice and I have a right to enforce that "personal law". People need to really stop with the "well what if tourist just stop coming" nonsense. Do you really think the average tourist cares about Paris? Look at the girl who married the old guy and got all that money, "what's her name". See I could care less about her. Paris will be with that girl within 5 years or so. If Wynn bans her she will go to another casino, so it's really a wash!! Now if there were two of her that could be in two places at the same time, then I could see your issue!!

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