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February 22, 2017

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March 25, 2010

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Can't blame her for proposing the idea. At least she's trying. But I can't get passed the idea of taxing fitness centers (gyms). I'd love to hear her rationale in including gyms to her list.

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"It's unclear where he'll play in 2013..." I think that should read, "it's unclear where he'll receive his education."

Kudos for BG for doing the right thing. I could only imagine the pressures to let him slide.

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I think one of the amazing parts of this story is that the FBI found the backpack in a landfill. That alone deserves its own article!

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Should be a great finale! Uriah Hall is a beast and Kelvin Gastelum just keeps proving everyone wrong. I love watching Hall destroy his opponents and I love watching Gastelum shock everyone. He must've shocked the producers too, because they didn't seem to have many interviews or background footage of him (as compared to Uriah Hall). Both seem very humble (in victory). They're both great for the sport!

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