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July 12, 2008

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I am sure that as a member of the bloated education system, the author will maneuver the numbers to make the argument for expanding the university system.

Numbers aside, why do I have to pay for the university that I dont even go to? I am retired and have issues of my own and will never benefit from the "university".

I am pretty sure its bloated, because I see evidence of expenses they incur that dont make sense to me. A simple example is the large houseboat they keep on lake mead for "ecological projects". Of course it has all the amenities like an on board grill for parties. I just have to believe that the state funded university system has the same bloated budgets as big wall street companies.

Let the students pay; after all they benefit.

(Suggest removal) 1/5/09 at 12:47 p.m.

They are being quiet about the SEC changing its stand on valuation of mortgage assets. They are allowing banks to count the full value of a mortgage on its books, EVEN THOUGH THE MORTGAGE ISNT WORTH THAT MUCH ANYMORE.

This is just delaying the inevitable. So what is this 700b for ? I suspect there will be additional requests for money in a few months.

What a government caused debacle.

(Suggest removal) 10/3/08 at 8:21 a.m.

Another comment is that the residents of vegas should go out of their way to welcome visitors wherever they see them. Make vegas a friendly city.

I always strike up conversations in buffet lines and try to help visitors find what they want in town. Make them feel that the people here want their business.

I am nice to california drivers who may not know where things are located here. Let them make lane changes. Let them go back and say how the las vegas drivers are courteous.

Insist that service people are very courteous to all their patrons. Its important here.

We live in a tourist town, and rather than bemoan how casinos are taking less money from people, lets create a welcome feeling in visitors so they WANT to come here and tell their friends.

(Suggest removal) 7/12/08 at 10:38 a.m.

I think that $4 a gallon was a tipping point for people. Before that, we just continued with life as usual. Now, I think people are looking to permanent life changes to prepare for the effects of fuel costs that will spread through the economy as the effects of fuel cost averaging through futures contracts wind down. Electric rates are going to go up a lot in the next year.

I think entertainment in vegas will continue to be a big draw, but people might come here fewer times but stay longer. Its just a great experience here, period. We have to encourage the whole idea of sin city, however, and get away from this family thing. You can go anywhere with a family of kids, but not many places you can have a really
GOOD time.

As residents, I think we should go out of our way to welcome visitors and make them feel comfortable so vegas is known as the friendly city.

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I am very tired of the arguments that support raising taxes for government, as if the only reason we all exist is because of government. This is just not true. Apart from protecting property rights and our personal safety, government is a drain on people, not a help.

Try and build a house in the valley and deal with the clark county building department. It is the paragon of disorganization and inefficiency, and exists primarily for its OWN survival, not to help people.

Watch the clark county commission meetings on Ch4. They spend ridiculous amounts of time to simply control every aspect of what happens here, causing inordinate delays. Consider that they recently spent almost an hour debating whether new massage parlors should be required to close at 8 pm, but existing ones can stay open 24/7 and exempting those connected with casinos. That decision probably cost hundreds of thousands of dollars in administrative and compliance costs in itself.

Cut out the bloat in government instead of adding new taxes which contribute to the bloat.

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