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Feb. 10, 2010

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Good Grief. What has Nevada gotten from Harry Reid but 14.4% unemployment, a massive housing crisis and other assorted corruptions and messes? That aside, anyone who looks to Senators to help their state as if it is life or death has bought into the idea the federal government is the arbiter of success or failure. Sad fact is, we may have reached that point, which in itself is an admition the free enterprise system has given way to the whims of Congress and its bureaucrat apparatchiks. Goodbye America, it was nice to have known you.

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What did you do during the revolution? Did you support those who sought to return us to the vision of our founding fathers, or did you support the profligate politicians who bankrupted the country because they feathered your nest? Will you be able to look in the mirror? Will you be able to look into the eyes of your grandchildren? Will you be proud to tell them the truth? Will you be proud to tell them you voted for Harry Reid? God help us if you think you can.

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Modern day Democrats care nothing about anyone but themselves. I am sorry to hear you believe they had no hand in the exodus of American jobs. They have controlled Congressional purse strings for 50 of the last 60 years.

The only successful Democrat president during that time was Bill Clinton, apart from his being impeached, and he was only successful with the economy as he had a Republican Congress to keep his feet to the fire.

I really could care less that our menial jobs are done at a cheaper rate in foreign countries, it allows us to import goods that are cheaper and saves our families money.

What irritates the hell out of me is the inability to sustain highly skilled, high paying jobs.

As I said in an earlier post, the trillion in so-called stimulus money which was wasted on God knows what, surely it didn't create jobs, could have been spent building 100 nuclear power plants, which would have filled the pockets of our kids for a decade with six figure incomes; pipe fitters, welders, labrorers, painters, millwrights, you name the trade... Not to mention allowing us more independence from the psychos that makeup OPEC.

But no, the perfect world Democrats wanted pie in the sky "green jobs" which amounted to what? Blowing cellulose insulation into walls, Jimmy Carter era technology which any half wit could do.

Why are you on the side of the sissies? I am no Republican, apart from one that wants to rid our country of the yoke which burdens us from both parties who wish to persist down this path of destruction.

And the Republicans, as I also mentioned in a previous post, are at least trying to clean house, no matter they nominate those that may not seem suited or qualified for the position. They certaintly can do no worse than those who occupy positions of power and have sold us down the river.

You wish to return the [email protected] like Harry Reid to power? Look at yourself in the mirroe five years from now and remember what you did during the revolution.

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Listen, I grew up on the Iron Range of Minnesota, I worked my @ss off my entire life, started off as a member of two unions as I worked my way through school. I took the leap as an entreprenuer. I've won and lost and won and lost again. I have nothing but respect for my union brothers. Or I should say I had nothing but respect. But as the once proud, tough-as-nails warriors I grew up with succumb to the socialist bullcrap of these modern day Marxist Democrats, it causes me great pain, as all they need to do is pay off your bosses rather than create jobs. While this happens the skill sets of our tradesmen are eroded and our country is weakened as a result.

I can tell you this: I have no respect for the lockstep group thinkers that persist in the idea that these modern day Democrats are anything but destroyers.

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How can you support Harry Reid, more of the same, apart from an absolute selfish motivation? It's insanity. He oversees, from his plush Ritz condo in Washington DC, the destruction of the greatest economy on the face of the earth for the benefit of a utopian ideology and what, to replenish your pensions which were criminally raided by your inept union bosses to support the corrupt Democrats who claimed to support your causes against "big business?"

That my union brothers would lick the @ss of such a wimp as Harry Reid is appalling. Where the H is the soul of the hard, tough, [email protected] I knew, that would kick anyone's @ss if they threatened the well being of a fellow American? Instead we have the Trumpa, government union minions following like lapdogs?

I could care less if a moron replaces Harry Reid, although Angle has better instincts and a higher Constitutional IQ than Reid, as she at least understands the founders understood and tried to limit the dangers of the federal government we have now, utterly arrogant in its belief it knows better how to run your life than you.

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