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Jan. 6, 2011

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It's a double whammy for the Rebs. As a 5 seed, not only do you have to play a team that the committee actually considered an 11 seed, you get to play them an hour from their campus.

Bottom line, it doesn't matter. UNLV is better than Cal and should win the game. If you can't beat Cal in the first round it really doesn't matter. This program needs to put up or shut up.

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I was confused by the amount of playing time Hawkins got on Tuesday. I do love his defense, and not that it was his fault, but when Boise hits 13-25 from 3 that defense your bringing to the table doesn't mean much. It worked out in the end but I would have rather had a different combination on the floor. Tough to 2nd guess Coach Rice right now because all of the substitution buttons he's hitting right now are working. Winning solves everything.

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Its been a real pleasure to watch the development of Anthony Marshall over these 4 years. I can't recall a player improving as much as he has during his time at UNLV. Even as recent as last year he could always get to the rim, he just couldn't finish and was not a good FT shooter. Now he finishes just about every time and hits those FTs when we need them.

Its also great to see a senior actually close out his final year strong. After 3 straight disappointments from the senior leader on the team (Wink, Willis, Stanback) its great to see this from AM. Add on the fact that its a local kid makes it more special.

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Solid win last night. Its really amazing how few comments there are when the team plays solid and wins. Did none of the lunatics that think a team that starts 2 freshman should win their road conference games by 20 points not read the article?

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Just very proud these guys have fought through the tough stretch and are looking good again. Personally I have been critical only because I thought the results were way below what this team deserves based on how hard they play. Say what you want about Krueger but you can rarely criticize his UNLV teams about their effort because they usually play their butts off. Can't wait for March!

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