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Oct. 10, 2010

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The liberal media is just giddy. "Mitt wins in a landslide!!" Heard the same thing in Florida with a 12% win. Still hasn't broken 50%. When is that going to happen? Michigan - his birth state maybe?
Too late. Gingrich will already have won Georgia by that much and more.

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As Sean Trende noted, the voting demographics coming out of Nevada showed a much stronger showing of latinos voting than in previous elections.
LaRaza will be proud. They can steal elections as good as they do in Chicago. Photo ID anyone?

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Nevada is exactly where Michigan was eight years ago EXCEPT with a Republican governor. You have a chance, but just a change not to replicate the Michigan "experience." Good luck to you.
Say "hi" to the President next time he visits.

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Wouldn't it be nice if everytime the Republicans won, we could fire the top brass of any major media outlet.
Ah, to dream.

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How does a "professional politician" dedicated to public service become a multi-millionaire? Senator Reid failed badly in his "non-answer" to that question.
In short, the man not only has a pea-brain, but has also let personal greed become his God.
God save America. Harry Reid and his Jonestown drones have no intention of putting national interest above their own.

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