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April 30, 2008

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No wonder this state is in the shambles that it is in, since the left hand takes no blame for what the right is doing. Gibbons wanted nothing to do with the federal money several months ago, and had to be shamed into taking it. And the projects in Clark County actually going on, are moving at a pace on some roads that proves no one takes anything seriously out here, except gaming. If this money were attached to City Center, or some other dumb casino project on the strip or near the 15, heaven and earth would be moved for completion, crews working round the clock, supervision and surprise visits by our great mayor, the honorable Mayor McVodka. But since it only pertains to local roads and highways, we back burner it, work at a one foot a day pace, and tear half the city up at the same time, destroying access to most areas, and making a simple drive an exercise in futility. Keep up the good work Nevada, you are sure to be the shining becon of stupidity once again, and maybe we can 'Go for the Gold' with a ranking of 50 out of 50, rather than a lowly 46 !!!!!

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This is just further proof that the journalistic ehtics in Nevada date back to the early 1960's, before anyone came up with guidelines or regulations. But in Nevada as a whole, ethics and integrity are a joke anyway. This entire state is a good old boy network, and it effects every aspect of business and journalism. Ever wonder why the big guns of the news industry, Walter Cronkite, Mike Wallace, and Bob Scheiffer, have never ever set foot out here? Because it is mostly a sewer of lies and deception and scandal that none were ever interested in getting involved with. Old Nina will get a hand slap, be told 'No no no', and within weeks this will be forgotten. Thank god for satellite, where I can get the real news out of New York or Chicago, and not Nevada's poof news. Lots of us care not how the casinos are fairing, nor about local murders or crime sprees, we actually want to know what is going on in the nation as a whole and the world as well..............

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I think someone in Wahington should install a windmill or propellor on this mans head. It might actually get some energy upstairs for a change. He is against offshore drilling and justifies it with "It will take too long for the public to gain any benefit from it." His estimate is 7-10 years. What does this alzheimers victim think will happen here ?? They will just be magically up and running within 12 months ?? And his reported employment benefits are at least 5 years away. Wake up Reid or step aside you fool, unemployment is at its highest in Nevada in 15 years. Instead of chasing wind and dreams, lure some industry to Nevada that will actually hire people and lower these numbers. But that requires thinking, something that Reid seems to be incapable of doing....

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What goes up, must come down. Considering the stock market is readjusting after two explosive years, no wonder the economy especially here is going down. People don't have the money right now, and gambling is not on anyones minds in this economy. But the idiots running this county and city are too blindsided by greed to realize we don't need more casino/hotels and gaming stations.
But we continue to build more and then people like Lanni and Mayor McVodka cry when the rooms aren't full. Go after more and other industry so you have a larger tax and economic base, but the fools here won't. And with airlines cutting back by a total of 25% this fall do these idiots think that people will just drop out of the sky here ??? The growth in Clark County will be stagnant along with the local economy for the next 12-18 months. But since out here no one believes facts and prefers to look through rose colored glasses you figure it out on your own..........

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Being optomistic is one thing, but unfortunately the build it and they will come theory does not apply here. I think Walker needs to either resign or is due for a reality check. Airlines are cutting back and not expanding in the Las Vegas market, and any optomism on his part that this will only last a few months is nuts. Starting in September we will be going from 44 daily flights down to 32. And just because this man is building a new terminal we are not suddently going to pull a 777 off international runs, and substitute it for Las Vegas. This will last at least two-three years, before anything changes. And who needs 3,000 more hotel rooms ?? The city can't fill what they have now, but want to open more. Good luck with that. You think the casinos are scrambling now, just watch later. Further proof that the local government of Clark County is clueless about reality. The sad thing is that locals as they are called keep re-electing them. I have yet to see one politician or official with any vision or brains, other than the vision of feathering his/her own nest and leaving a dent on the state. The rest of the US laughs loudly at Nevada..................

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