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Sept. 15, 2011

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Jon your assessment of what put the State in the hole is quite compelling but lost me when you put the blame on two entities the greedy private sector and the greedy unions. The square blame should be where it belongs and that is the citizens of Nevada to include the leadership that was elected to do their job NOT to grease their palms. You know as well as everyone in the state knows that Nevada is famous for Juicing and Greasing of Palms. So your editorial needs more thought. The private secotr could only do what the elected officials voted on. The public unions wanted and deserved a fair salary for a fair days work. With raising cost they were not getting it and they moved to bring their salaries inline with the economy. Make no mistake local government cannot go back in time to recoupe monies and they cannot balance the budget on public employees backs after all they are taxpayers too.

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Angie thank you for your insight...perhaps you should be an advisor for the Governor as he lead the uninformed to the slaughter. Maybe they can see as you put it: In fact, he probably HURT our economy because unemployed people don't spend money and then stores and other businesses don't sell as much. You know perhaps your comment should reach Clark County Commissioners "unemployed people don't spend money and then stores and other businesses don't sell as much." Don Burnette needs this lesson in Economics 101 as his idea to cut, cut ,cut salaries isn't working on providing a budget for the County either. Maybe Don Burnette is bucking for a job at the Governor's house yeah that it he'll be an advisor to the Governor on "How to run a County in the ground". Yeah Governor Sandoval,County Commissioner Sisolak,and Don Burnette the Three Stooges running Nevada in the hole...thanks fellas

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Proud American that supports Unions in America. If the able business community would have kept their businesses in America with American made on its label perhaps we wouldn't have joblessness in America now. The business community went to China (via Nixon a Republican President insistance) and Taiwan NOW they want to blame Unions for America's blight. I say they are UNAMERICAN and we should not support them when they come begging our government to get them out of the bad management practices. Unions are needed as bad, greedy businessman will and are the downfall of this great American culture.

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All citizens would be proud to have a County Manager that was effective. So lets but a job announcement out "Clark County is looking for a Confident and Effective County Manager". As the current one does not know how to balance a Counties books. Perhaps Henderson can help us they seemed to understand back in 2008 the dire need to buckle down and did. Could we hire that Manager? Oh yeah and their Commissioners don't make as much as ours. Perhaps we should be under Henderson because they are Confident and Effective!

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Don Burnette and of course Sisolak main agenda is to break ALL UNIONS. We as citizens should be asking WHY is the County in such dire straights Don Burnette has been in the County for a very long time. Why is it that he cannot budget this is why he was put in this position. Collins and the rest of the commissioner should be asking this question. Why are the County management using employees salaries to balance the Counties budget. Enough is enough the UNIONS have done enough. Why won't Burnette look to have the County go to an Alternative Work Schedule? Why won't Burnette and the Commissioners look to sure up UMC to stop the bleeding their and we don't mean tax the employees there. Yes I used the word TAX because that is exactly what the County is doing when employees have to bare the burden of the County Managers ineptness. The commissioners that we have hired should be working hard for their salaries after all they are getting full time pay for part time work and benefits. Don't let me mention Sisolak who won't give back the 35Million he collected from the County. There you go give it back Mr. Commissioner that would definitely sure up the missing money the County claims it doesn't have.

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