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February 22, 2017

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Aug. 8, 2010

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Is it just me,or is weird that they happen to arrest one of their own the day the dept' is meeting with DOJ officials.Is it just to make a point? Another thing is,why he arrested earlier.if I were to go and grope and or coerce a woman to do something, I would he arrested right away.....And then put under investigation after the fact.why is it when an officer is involved it is the other way around?! Sounds timely if you ask me.

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They ALL need to be charged as an adult and thrown in prison for a few years.That way they can really reflect on their actions."Kids being kids" is not a valid excuse for what they have done.Somebody lost 75% of their vision in one eye,traumatized and what not.Lord knows if it was me they would have been shot on the spot.They posed a real threat to the community by doing this act of terror.Wether it was a lower level threat or murder,they deserve to be punished accordingly.Some of you that are defending their actions are no better.But I bet if they were black or hispanic we wouldnt hear the end of it.Justice for one,Justice for ALL.Because next time you never know,they could possibly use a real gun and maybe kill a kid.Lock them all up until they are 21.

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As ridiculous or ignorant as this may sound I dont follow politics.To me there is no need to bicker back anf forth and so on about who holds the better party campaigns,promises,and what-ever.ALL I DO KNOW is something needs to change.Unemployment does not cut it these days.Especially trying to raise a family and there being no work.I look for on a daily, and there is NOTHING out there.I know BUSH screwed us and OBAMA is just picking up from where he left off.Until I see change, I refuse to give neither side ANY credit.

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I also agree....with the billions of dollars that banks make, why cant they afford decent equipment.
On another note, this POS really needs a beat down, and a life sentence....NO questions asked.What is this city coming to?!

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This POS is lucky Metro doesnt moonlight as prison guards...he would be dead for sure if that was the case

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