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February 25, 2017

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Aug. 4, 2008

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This, unfortunately is happening on a regular basis. The union organizers fill them full of promises knowing there is no possible way they will deliver. They give them a small weekly check to go stand on the line, but once that campaign is over their true colors are revealed. The Laborers are not the only ones using this tactic. It's a shame people are so willing to believe them, I guess the phrase "The grass is always greener ...."fits this situation.

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Getting sick of this whole issue. Are you personally responsible for your own safety or not? You can train til your blue in the face. When the employee decides he's above the rules and doesn't have to abide by the regulations, or simply makes a bonehead move and gets injured look out, the employer purposely injured that worker. It's interesting that it's always a union worker who dies at a jobsite. What the hell are you teaching them at the union hall?

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