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March 9, 2008

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As I am 600 miles away from my mother.. I cant be there to get her a lawyer... I took her to that doctor .. being a " good daughter" I feel horrible .. the guilt is just overwelming me. I agree with you when you said " why isnt any one looking at these doctors or nurses. What the hell is going on? They are just going to go to another clinic and "practice" Practice to ... be ...
I pray for all of you. Remmeber that the first test is only the beginning please. My husband firefighter / paremedic was accidently poked by another careless medic.. So its every 3 months for a year !!! then once a year for 3 years after that !!!! Please !! Take this seriously and get tested Im not sure about HIV but thats how the testing goes for Hep C. I wish you allthe best of luck!! and you will ALWAYS be in my thoughts and prayers .

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Maybe KMOSS works for That doctor? Or maybe worked in the office.. or maybe just plan ---- stupid?

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I ... my hands shake so bad as I write this.. I pray for all of you . My mother just called me and told me .. ya know that doctor you took me to in Vegas.. "Oh god " I said.. So, the nurses say it was an " accident?" the doctor wanted to save money? I hope you all sue him ... ya know cuz he saved all that money ya know !!!!! Shame on him ! Shame on him.. how dare he make all of you go through this .. I told my mom she should bill him everytime she goes for blood work. Now listen My husband Firefighter paremedic accidently got poked .. Every 3 months for hep C For ONE YEAR !!!! Dont let this go .. Then its once a year for 3 years after that? Dont let this go . K you guys Keep your chins up. and hang in there.Kingman is my home town... I wont stop till he pays!!!! I gotta lotta time on my hands !!!

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