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Oct. 2, 2008

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"No one has more integrity than Dean Baker," Cooper says. "Dean Baker owns 40,000 acre-feet from that aquifer. Can you imagine how much that would be worth to the Southern Nevada Water Authority? Yet he is unyielding in his right to use that water to ranch."

Again, GET YOUR FACTS CLEAR! Baker does own about 30,000 - 40,000 acre feet, but most of it is surface water from mountain run off and wouldn't be touched by pumping the groundwater. He only owns maybe 10,000 - 12,000 acre feet in underground rights from the aquifer in both Nevada and Utah.
And how can someone who thinks 50,000 acre feet is a lot for a city be taken seious when he is using close to the number just for his three little ranches? Who is more efficient in their water use, you do the math?
People in the North like to look down on Las Vegas, but they sure like your tax money!

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People need to get their facts clear. Owens Valley was removal of surface water from a lake. Of course there were problems as a lake bed became the land - no plants!
This is for underground water and will be carefully looked to so that there isn't an impact to the surface (like Owens Valley).
People who understand water, like the State Engineer, are not stupid and definately know more about this than YOU.
Emily Green did an OK job showing all the sides, but she needs to determine the difference between opinion and fact as many of the "effects" are based on opinion and not fact.

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