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February 21, 2017

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Sept. 23, 2011

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@Carmine.....I call bovine manure on your comment. Please post some FACTS backed up by SOURCES about the "proliferation of doctors and clinics like those run by Kermit Gosnell." Let me speculate that there are more FACTUAL and DOCUMENTED instances of violent and sometimes murderous attacks on reproductive health clinics and staff than there are instances of doctors and clinics like Gosnell's.

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@Robert.....I'm as or more dependent than most as I live in a very rural setting and use my F250 diesel 4X4 for work around the place and to get in/out in the winter. I spray my meadow with Transline to control weeds and I use lots of propane to keep me and the critters happy through the winter. However, I am very careful to keep my water clean and useable....for me, the critters and the alfalfa meadow. Given time, water will filter through sand and gravel, bacteria and microbes will break down toxics, etc., but with the drought covering a third of the US, aquifer levels dropping and saline seep in productive farm areas why would you have any leeway on making sure that drilling for gas/oil, mining for anything, logging steep hillsides has minimal impact on water for living and agriculture. I will admit to being spoiled. I live in the Columbia Basin in the mountains above Lake Roosevelt. I'm the first homestead in my water basin, upstream from everyone and beyond my place is wilderness forever off-limits. We need the energy at the current time although I believe that we need to transition to a hydrogen base and away from carbon sources. The Colorado Plateau and environs have lots of shale and uranium. If profitable, should mining and drilling be allowed around Lake Mead? How close or far away? Not to worry, a little goose crap can clean it up just a couple of hundred years. You live in a city or burb, you turn on the tap and you expect to have decent water come out. You take it for granted. For us out here it's a different story. A contaminated well or water source destroys our ability to live.

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Remember when President Clinton said that abortion should be safe, legal and rare? Surely a commitment to readily accessible and affordable birth control should be easily reached. Unfortunately what we have seen is a steady stream of morality-bound legislators intent on punishing women's choices.

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So a tightly regulated and monitored experiment went well. Isn't that a surprise. The issue is not that this type of natural gas recovery can't be done correctly, it is that it is often not. Casings crack, they are subject to poor welds, wells blow out, chemicals, rilling fluids and lubricants are spilled, they are stored in leaking pits, employees are encouraged to save time and money by cutting corners, by fudging the rules. If the energy recovery and production companies encouraged compliance with rules for safe and clean operations then we would have a measure of confidence. Unfortunately they do not, and while Anadarko or Chevron or Exxon might have rules in place, the subcontractor of the subcontractor of the subcontractor cares only for his/her very slim profit margin. Spills are frequent and pervasive. Once that water is contaminated it is useless essentially forever.

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@Tom be warned, there is some cholesterol involved!!!!

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