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Dec. 26, 2011

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I am not being naive about ala carte type of service for cable customers. The legislation proposed has backing of most cable providers but some networks aren't really very supportive of it. The bill proposed would allow customers to get 74 channels and some consumers now pay large bills for hundreds then only watch a dozen or so. I would rather have the 74 channels and pick which ones I want then have bundle service where many channels won't get viewed. Wouldn't you?

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The solutions stated in my letter in a combo way will help ease the burden on our school district considering know you have classrooms with 30 some or 40 students. The smaller the class size you have the better students will learn because a teacher can concentrate more on each pupil. Right now that isn't happening for the very fact you have too many students so by using suggestions above this will lead a path to such a thing.

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I am not another kook for any publicity but just stating my thoughts on how important the Second Amendment is. End of story

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I didn't say that there shouldn't be some guidelines which are already in place but like anything isn't perfect. The other thing is some writers in the forum take other people's opinions out of context and that's not what this comment section is about. Further gun control measures aren't the answer to curbing violence and do sincerely feel bad for any victims as well as their families. My letter was taken totally out of context since it's a hot button issue after this massacre but trying to demogue others for theirs opinion is wrong. I am not for further gun control measures nor do I care about ammo sales but want to protect the Second Amendment with current precautions in place such as background checks,waiting periods and permits. I have never state that it should be like the Wild West days or individuals should have AK-47's. The current control gun measures do work but any weapon is out there on the black market plus there are so many other weapons at an individuals disposal. That's my stance.

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For your information I not a member of the NRA and nor do I support anyone going on a rampage but do believe in protecting our rights as citizens which including bearing arms plus never said that what's it's intention were. I am just simply stating that further gun control regulations are unnecessary. Individuals a right to bear arms isn't only my opinion but that of the courts and anyone could take issue with that plus will keep submitting letters.

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