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February 28, 2017

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Nov. 18, 2010

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After nearly 20 years as an LVRJ subscriber, I cancelled my subscription to the LVRJ because of their working with Righthaven. I am not a party to any action brought by Righthaven, I choose to vote with my pocketbook and will not subscribe to a paper that would do business with a company like Righhaven.
While I believe that they should have the right to prosecute copyright claims, I believe they should issue a takedown order first then prosecute. Google and others are protected from postings in their forums by the safe harbor exclusion because they are online service providers Righthaven is choosing to go after people that do not know any better, that would pull the copyrighted materials down if they knew they were doing wrong. Many of the people that are being sued are because people are posting material from LVRJ in their forums, and moderators, if there are any, are not timely in removing it, or are not educated in copyright materials.
Don't think that the RJ gets money from me occasionally checking to see if they have denounced their selling their rights to Righthaven. I use ad blocking and scriptblocking software and would never click on one of their links, while they may be able to report high viewership on line, advertisers be advised Im not seeing your advertisements.
Once the LVRJ renounces their deal with the devil, I will be back as a subscriber, I miss the newspaper, but not as much as I would miss the freedom to vote with my dollars.

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