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February 24, 2017

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M. Malone
June 30, 2009

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I live in a very small corner of the world where people work hard, pay their bills and generally have weathered the econommic storms since 2008..
This week I have been told of 2 layoffs, 3 bankruptcies and ..3 small business closing their doors..
Obama..Oaama Obama..
If this is a fluke in my small world..Ok..but if it is a trend..then...we are in big trouble..

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You are sooo right! You can raise the rates on "the rich" all you want..including death tax but the wealthy have stables of accountants and attorneys to shelter them..and theirs..
The tax code has been written by and for the rich over many years..and the rich pay nothing..
Boehner is a sly Republican and he says..Close the Loopholes..
But the Democrats are whining for 39% of GE's $000 income in 2011 (after deductions)

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Can anyone explain this?
Clinton tax rates..the whole enchilada including tax rates for earners below $250,000 were the Great god Clinton's tax rates..which supposedly Boomed the economy
Bush lowered tax rates..Notice "Bush Tax Cuts"
Now..the "Bush tax cuts" end and the Clinton tax raises go into effect ..and it is the End of the World..-->off the cliff<---
WHY does this cause the economy to collapse?
Why not let Clinton's tax rates simply go back into effect for everyone?
Is it because Obama and the democrats are not willing to bet on "tax increases" being a magic cure and are only..revenge on the rich?
As for Boehner..he is rational..He is saying that if Obama gets his simple tax raise..nothing else happens..
Boehner wants Tax Reform..closing loopholes will soak the rich..and he wants entitlement reform..neither of which will happpen if he caves on the "tax the rich" mantra..which is a simple slogan..not policy. A teacher of mine once said "Beware of simple answers to complex questions" and Obama does not address the ccmplex..Obama is master of the..Simple Slogans that work so well..

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It seemed as if the "bad news" slacked a bit the last few months..
But Now..I was shocked this week to find out a graduate..was filing for bankruptcy
Two other workers with excellent resumes are being laid off the beginning of the year..
My neighbor is closing her small business
I did some research as I like financial stuff and I believe that no matter what happens with the "fiscal cliff"..the eoncomy is going to tank.
I believe many employers and small business people were just "hanging in there" until after the election..
Another small business owner called me last night and said he was very worried and we talked about what might to done to improve his financials..
I looked at the stock market and it is going down..and commodities..except for gold ..are not going up..Bonds are not going up (as far as I could see) is a lack of confidence..and people are pulling out..I thought of saving some for a rainy day and I think I will buy gold rather than save dollars..
I don't trust the government (taxes, regulaions, debt reduction etc) and I don't trust the dollar (QE2 eternity)
If I am right..that means the economy is going to tank and stay tanked for quite a while..No Confidence
I may not be right but..this is the report from my part of the world..another downturn that has nothing to do with "fiscal cliff."

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Some points to consider:
1) The stock market is going down..slowly. That means a managed and careful realignment of investments..and gold is going up
2) Business is going out of business
Say I had the only grocery store in 50 miles. Every day government regulators showed up at during business hours to inspect my produce and inspect my wiring. I had to take hours off and spend money to deal with that. Then at the end of the day..I had 10 dollars profit...and now I have to add in the cost of health insurance to the fees and taxes I already pay..
One day..I just close the doors..
But..there is a need for a grocery store, Yes? Somewhere to spend the government checks..
So you decide to open my grocery..
How long are you going to last?

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