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Coco Austin’s topless triumph and splits sensation in ‘Peepshow’


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Ice-T and Coco host and party at LAX in the Luxor on Saturday, Sept. 1, 2012.

Coco Austin’s First Night in ‘Peepshow’

Coco Austin's first night in Launch slideshow »

With those 39DD-23-40 curvy charms, it’s little wonder that Coco Austin made rapper and actor hubby Ice-T melt for her. Having seen her disrobe to show her delicious decolletage and dangerous derriere in her first “Peepshow” at Planet Hollywood performance Monday night, I blame her for global warming. Memo to Al Gore: Come see this show; you’ll confirm that you’ve been right all along!

The audience was screaming for the pint-sized powerhouse (Coco is 5”2’) as she was lowered from the ceiling of the Peepshow Theater in the opening moments of the adult burlesque cabaret. Curiously looking very similar to Holly Madison, the most recent Bo Peep, Coco came across as a young, beautiful innocent in the now-recognizable long blue dressing gown.

Not so familiar, though, was her remarkable cleavage! It is a fashion designer’s architectural and engineering accomplishment to keep everything from spilling out immediately. The 12 topless dancers onstage simply add to the sexcitement.

As Cheaza, who portrays the Peep Diva, eyeballed her face-to-face, she purred, “You’ve sure got the right equipment. You are looking pretty with those golden boobies.” The audience howled with laughter, including 98 Degrees singer Jeff Timmons, who sat one seat away from me.

I thought we’d be calling for emergency services to calm the audience when Coco poured pink paint over a helpless audience member handcuffed to a bed. She hip swiveled her bountiful booty at the audience while dancing over the victim, and he got the entire bucket all over him.

When co-star Josh Strickland led Coco back onstage in a shortened nightgown, even he was amazed as she stripped it off to reveal a sparkling bra and panties. “This girl can dance!” he exclaimed. On cue, Coco showed off her skills and assets as her bra came flying off. In the burlesque dance number, she wore the briefest of G-strings to perform the splits. The audience gasped and went wild.

They also got hot and bothered when she writhed wet and wild near the bathtub for the water acrobatic scene. Another bra came off for her finale with Cheaza and Josh, and she had no problem using the white boa to accentuate her amazing proportions even more.

LDW2012: Ice-T and Coco at LAX

Ice-T and Coco host and party at LAX in the Luxor on Saturday, Sept. 1, 2012. Launch slideshow »

Coco had the theater stunned under her spell. The stage was hers for the closing, even though the entire near-naked cast was there with her. Coco’s dream to perform on the Strip had come true. She’d conquered and arrived a headliner in triumph.

Within seconds of the curtain closing, she was on her cell phone to Ice fast asleep in New York where he’s filming “Law & Order: SVU.” “I wanted to tell him first that I’d done well,” she told me afterward.

“We’d been texting back and forth before I went onstage. He was wishing me good luck and encouraging me to go for it big time. I knew he’d be asleep afterward with the three-hour time difference, but I just had to wake him and share the magic moment with him.”

TV cameras from their reality TV show “Ice Love Coco” filmed the entire night . How much of the body beautiful they’ll show is up to editors and network chiefs, but I bet you’ll see as much as possible when the episode airs Jan. 7.

Coco was high speed on energy and adrenaline minutes after her debut when we chatted: “I am so afraid of heights. I only did it twice before tonight. It was really hard for me the first time. I’m good with it now; the audience helped me out. I was scared. I didn’t want to mess up and fall on my head. No messing up here. You’re holding yourself up with legs and thighs, no safety net -- it's that crazy, but I’ll admit that I do thrive on danger.

2012MDW: Ice-T and Coco at Venus Pool Club and LAX

Ice-T and Coco at Venus Pool Club in Caesars Palace and LAX in the Luxor on Saturday, May 26, 2012. Launch slideshow »

“I burst out of my bra a few times tonight. You can’t have it off the entire show. My character is shy, timid little Bo Peep who then awakens. Toward the end, it’s exhilarating as you bust out on the stage. This is your moment. I worked so hard on my moves. I’ve worked in dance class my entire life, and I finally got to show what I’ve got.

“I trained really hard. It’s a cool feeling. I now need to eat. I haven’t eaten for two days. My nerves have been shot the last 48 hours; I just didn’t desire food. Now I need to chow down.

“My first phone call was to Ice. It was 2:30 a.m. -- sorry to disturb your sleep! The first thing I said was, ‘I didn’t mess up.’ I was waiting the whole show to mess up on something, but I was really proud that I didn’t. We were texting back and forth -- good luck; I am proud of you, girl.’

“It was an awesome night. The whole show, I had butterflies. I was comfortable and confident about showing my skin. I wasn’t worried about the costumes. I wasn’t worried about taking my clothes off or the dancing or the acting. I was worried about making my marks because I didn’t want to trip anybody. … There wasn’t one hiccup. I was really surprised.

“Now I want to perfect it and better it, think about technique. I want people to say when they come see the show, ‘This is the best Coco Bo Peep they’ve ever seen. It’s my new nickname. No longer Coco, just Coco Peep.

“I am looking forward to three months in Vegas. It’s an ideal job and for me a dream come true. I can take my two dogs to Red Rock. I love shows and restaurants; that’s where I like to go. I am going to have a ball.

LDW2011: Ice-T and Coco Austin at Rehab

Ice-T and Coco Austin at Rehab at the Hard Rock Hotel on Sept. 4, 2011. Launch slideshow »

“I’ve already been asked to stay longer. Maybe, but first take a break and come back later. I’m building a house in New Jersey and I’m not there, so I have to go back, but maybe return afterward. We’ll see.

“We have our anniversary coming up at New Year’s -- 12 years ago at Caesars. Ice and I will be together in Vegas for Christmas and New Years. This is the first time we’ve been apart for a while. It’s been less hard than I thought it would be because there has been no end to the work, the rehearsals, the filming.

“I’ve been nonstop working. I didn’t have time to think of it. If I’d been in my hotel room with nothing to do, it would have been miserable without him. When you’re dancing this hard, I couldn’t think of him, but I sure miss him.

“He loves me for loving dancing. He lets me do what I’m into. I work hard on my body and go to the gym. He told me, ‘If you’ve got it, show them what you’ve got.’ So I took it to a whole other level tonight. I had no qualms about showing it. I make sure it gives a positive message to women who are worried about their bodies.

“You always have that thing in the back of your mind that ‘I’m different from a regular girl,’ so it gives a positive message that any girl can go out and do it. They can strut their stuff themselves whatever body or size they are. It’s all about confidence.”

“The whole experience was awesome. I’m still on a high. I’m proud, and it feels wonderful.”

Coco Peep headlines in “Peepshow” through March 3.

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