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September 22, 2017

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Photos: Nicole ‘Coco’ Austin can’t wait to get nekkid in ‘Peepshow’



Nicole “Coco” Austin.

It is an undeniably traffic-stopping, knockout figure -- 38DD-24-40 -- that gets millions of Internet hits, and actor and rapper Ice-T’s wife, Nicole “Coco” Austin, can’t wait to show it all off here when she begins her run as Bo Peep in “Peepshow” at Planet Hollywood on Dec. 3.

As Vegas DeLuxe reported Tuesday, Angel Porrino returns as Bo Peep from Oct. 22 through Dec. 2 as Holly Madison ends her three-year-plus run Oct. 21. (Angel is Holly’s former assistant from “Holly’s World” and currently stars in “Absinthe” at Caesars Palace.)

Today, Coco takes her first publicity photos for “Peepshow” at her New York home where proud hubby Ice-T films NBC’s “Law & Order SVU.” Coco is wrapping up their Season 3 of “Ice Loves Coco” (Sunday’s at 10:30 p.m. on E! Entertainment). Then she starts “Peepshow rehearsals” in New York and adds numbers and costumes before moving here in November to continue rehearsals before her debut as Bo Peep.

Coco has been dancing since age 6 and was winning swimsuit, fitness and lingerie contests by 18. She has her own fashion empire Licious Apparel designed for women with curves; her business projects can be found at

It was thanks to Playboy chief Hugh Hefner in 2000 that she decided on a career in film and entertainment. In 2001 while filming, she met Ice-T and says, “It was an instant, inseparable connection.” They will be apart for the first time in 11 years when she’s here and he remains in New York for work.

2012MDW: Ice-T and Coco at Venus Pool Club and LAX

Ice-T and Coco at Venus Pool Club in Caesars Palace and LAX in the Luxor on Saturday, May 26, 2012. Launch slideshow »

In a freewheeling, fun and sometimes-outrageous interview, Coco held nothing back and was candid about her body, T*tty Tuesdays and Bum Thursdays on the Strip. Coco modeled her now famous butt in a revealing runway fashion show two years ago -- not only did the dress become the most talked about of the season, but it also went viral to tens of millions online and brought her a guest appearance on “The Doctors” to prove that her dangerous derriere is natural.

Robin Leach: You sound like one very excited lady about tossing your top for “Peepshow”?!

Coco Austin: I am, I am! When I got the phone call, I was in the middle between excited and anxious and all of the above. I didn’t really want to leave my New York lifestyle to come out to Vegas, even though I love Vegas. I like the glitz and glamour of it all, but my whole life is New York.

R.L.: How excited are you about taking your clothes off in “Peepshow”?

C.A.: I am over my head with excitement. I didn’t know at first if I wanted to change my New York lifestyle to Vegas lifestyle, but I’m, like, what the heck, life is too short. This is actually what I have been building up to my entire life. I have been a dancer my whole childhood, and I’m also a performer, so I think this is the next stage in my life. Of course I got the biggest support from my hubby. He said, “Go for it -- you are going to rock Vegas!”

R.L.: Did he give you a kiss and his total blessing?

C.A.: He was the first supporter. Without his support, I wouldn’t have gone to Vegas at all because I was kind of iffy in the beginning. He said, “If I was offered a Vegas show, I would do it. This is right up your alley. You love to show off your body, you like to perform, and you like to dance. You need to go for it.” And then after that, he gave me a kiss.

LDW2012: Ice-T and Coco at LAX

Ice-T and Coco host and party at LAX in the Luxor on Saturday, Sept. 1, 2012. Launch slideshow »

R.L.: I have seen you in Vegas, and seen lots of photos of you in Vegas, but we haven’t seen everything about your body here yet. We’ve come close, but how do you feel about displaying the last couple of hidden inches left?

C.A.: I go as far back as the Playboy time, when I was 18 years old, I use to model for Playboy. So if you have been following me that long, you have seen a majority part of me! Now that I am in my 30s. I feel like I am sexier than before, and I am just ready to show it. For those who haven’t seen me, I think they will like what they see!

R.L.: How do I describe this body? How do you like it being described? It’s called buxom, it’s called full, what do you like it called?

C.A.: I like curvy. I am modest in a way. I don’t really see myself as anything but, I guess, thick. I am athletic. I always had a problem when I was younger in my modeling years because I always wanted to be this skinny beanpole type of chick with the big boobs. I could never have that kind of body, so I just had to kind of slowly grow into the body that I have, and I am glad that I did because it is unique in a way that I stand for a womanlier figure. A lot more bodies in the world are my type of body and not the skinny girl. I see myself as athletic.

Click to enlarge photo

Nicole "Coco" Austin.

R.L.: Have you seen Holly in “Peepshow”? How many times have you seen it on the Strip?

C.A.: Just once. I am friends with Holly. She invited me a couple years ago as a guest, and I don’t know if it has changed since then, but what I have seen, it’s a fairy-tale show, burlesque-type dancing, and it is right up my alley because I always consider myself in “la-la” world. I am never on Earth. I am never walking around on Earth; I am walking around in Coco’s world. I feel like “Peepshow” is la-la world, and I am just continuing a different stage in my life. But it is still in Coco’s world.

R.L.: Why are we waiting until Dec. 3 for you to get onstage?

C.A.: I am completing Season 3 of “Ice Loves Coco.” That is my obligation until then. I am going to overlap the two, but I will be pretty much finished by December so I can be there through March. Then I will decide whether I want to continue with “Peepshow,” but I have to figure out if I like it or not.

R.L.: So there is a possibility that you may stay longer, but if “Ice Loves Coco” starts up again, then you have a location problem?

C.A.: I do, but I could incorporate the show in my new Vegas lifestyle, I guess. The only difference is Ice is on “Law & Order” from Monday through Friday throughout the year, except holidays. He will pretty much be out in Vegas with me during December. After December, we will have to figure it out. I don’t know how things are going to go. He is probably just going to have to visit me on the weekends. We are taking it one step at a time.

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Nicole "Coco" Austin.

R.L.: So you are going to be New York-Vegas commuting lovers for a little while?

C.A.: This is the first time we will be out of our presence with each other, but if it is for the good, then we can do it. He would always say to me that I was going to get this movie, or part, and you will have to leave me, so you have to prepare. I would say, “No, you’re wrong, that is not going to come. I have been with you for 11 years, and it hasn’t come yet.” And what do you know when he said it this year, it came.

I am leaving my baby, but I will be bringing my dogs. Those are my kids to me. Believe it or not, everybody has been asking about Spartacus and Maximus. I don’t even think the fans are really excited to see me; I think they are more excited to see the doggies, which is weird! My dogs will be backstage with me, so if you get a meet-and-greet, you will get a bonus.

R.L.: How do you think you will play Bo Peep differently than Holly?

C.A.: I know they are switching around the routines because I have a little bit more dance experience than Holly. My whole life has been jazz, tap, ballet, hip-hop, anything you can think of. We are incorporating another routine in the show that we haven’t thought about yet, but I start shooting the rehearsals in November for the reality TV show. It is definitely going to be more dancing than Holly does.

Rehearsals will start in New York, and then I will finish them up in Vegas at the end of November. I actually have my first photo shoot as Bo Peep on Thursday. I am very excited.

R.L.: Is it going to be a similar outfit to what Holly wore?

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Nicole "Coco" Austin.

C.A.: Yes, but they are changing it to my body. It may be just a little bit different, but it will still be that pale blue tone and burlesque-y. The new routine is going to be a totally different outfit, so no one has ever seen that.

R.L.: So are you looking forward to undressing for Vegas audiences?

C.A.: I am looking forward to it! If you follow me on Twitter (@cocosworld), I do this thing called T*tty Tuesdays and Bum Thursdays; they are candid photos of myself. I am trying to put a smile on my fans’ faces and just say, “Hey, you don’t have to take a professional picture to look beautiful.” I hate when people put that mark on me that I am all Photoshopped, so when I take a candid picture of myself, it makes people think that maybe it’s not just the professional pictures that I look good in; she can look good in anything! (Editor’s Note: You can see them all at I am taking T*tty Tuesday to a whole other level, and I’m going to Vegas.

R.L.: What are the exact measurements?

C.A.: OK, the magic measurements are -- I think my boobs are 38DD, I’ve got a 24-inch waist, and my hips are 40 inches.

R.L.: You are happy and healthy about showing off your body, yet you still embrace old-fashioned marriage values because you have been with Ice-T now since 2001, right?

C.A.: Yes, we are coming up on our 12th year. I think that is the great part of it. You can still be married and be in a loving relationship and still have a compassionate family and still have your career. I feel like if I can still rock the body, why not show it off? I work really hard at the gym, so I am not going to put a sweater on to cover it. I can’t wait for Vegas to see it all for real!

Robin Leach has been a journalist for more than 50 years and has spent the past decade giving readers the inside scoop on Las Vegas, the world’s premier platinum playground.

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