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November 20, 2017

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Q+A: Author, psychic and spiritual seeker Sylvia Browne in Primm


Sylvia Browne.

Noted psychic, spiritual teacher and author Sylvia Browne returns to the Las Vegas area tonight with a show at Primm Valley’s Star of the Desert Arena.

Browne has been working in her field for more than 50 years, appearing as a guest on TV series including “The Montel Williams Show,” “Larry King Live” and “Unsolved Mysteries.”

We spoke with her about her work and what fans can expect from her show.

Tell me about your upcoming show at Primm Valley — what will it entail?

I’m a spiritual seeker, so what I start out with is telling people to get rid of all their negative thoughts, helping them get rid of their so-called demons. It’s more in-depth than that, but this is an overview. Then I do a meditation, and then I get through about 200 questions from the audience.

What kind of questions? How do Las Vegas audiences compare to other cities?

They want to know if they’re spiritually on track. They want to know where Mr. or Mrs. Right is. How their finances are, their health, I mean everything. Las Vegas audiences are pretty much the same as everywhere else, as far as worrying about their kids, their finances, their love life. It’s usually pretty general as far as that goes, and I’ve been doing this 55 years.

What are some of the biggest misconceptions about what you do besides the obvious one that it’s not real?

Oh, one of the biggest ones is that, I guess. There’s no such thing as guessing [in my field]. I wouldn’t have been in business 55 years if I was guessing. I have a huge Twitter and Facebook following, so I probably have done something right. Plus, I was on “Montel” for 17 years. So people know me pretty well; they know that I shoot straight from the hip.

What about misconceptions about the field of psychics in general?

I don’t know much about the field of psychics, except that I’ve seen some pretty goofy ones. But I think it’s because it’s just out of the norm. Any time you find anything out of the norm, people get kind of spooked by it. But I’ve always brought God into it.

How so?

Well, you just sit there, and something comes into your mind, and you know it’s not from you.

How have your shows and working with the public evolved from when you first started?

I think with age and time, it gets stronger. I think I did a good job at 18 or 19, but with the verbiage and ethics and allusions and things, you just tend to get smarter. I’m not like a lot of psychics where I want you to fill out a piece of paper and tell me your background and all that. See, that’s wrong. I don’t want to know anything about anybody.

Do you see as many psychics working now as you used to? How have you seen the popularity of the field evolve over the years?

Oh my gosh, yes. When I was in school and in college, nobody spoke about it. But now you have all kinds of psychic shows on TV and everywhere else. It’s really come into the mainstream. There’s more belief. I’m not gonna give myself kudos, but I’ve written 68 books. Anybody who wants to know anything about dreams or hauntings or whatever can go pick up one of my books.

You’ve said your granddaughter is psychic, as well. What advice do you give to her and other young mediums? What about when it comes to making mistakes?

Don’t bear anything on your mistakes. Don’t dwell on those. You can’t dwell on the negative. Everybody makes mistakes. Just go forward to help people. That’s what it’s about anyway.

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