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2015 AVN/AEE Q+A: Kayden Kross, new president of Arrangement Finders

Kayden Kross and Arrangement Finders

Kayden Kross, adult-entertainment star turned president of

Kayden Kross and Arrangement Finders

Kayden Kross, adult-entertainment star turned president of Launch slideshow »
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Kayden Kross, Stoya, Jesse Jane, Selena Rose and Bibi Jones arrive at the 2013 AVN Awards red carpet at The Joint in the Hard Rock Hotel on Saturday, Jan. 19, 2013.

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Kayden Kross and fellow adult-entertainer husband Miguel Ferrara arrive at the 2013 AVN Awards red carpet at The Joint on Saturday, Jan. 19, 2013, in the Hard Rock Hotel.

The big news at the recently ended 2015 AVN/Adult Entertainment Expo was the announcement of actress Kayden Kross’s $1 million equity stake in the website She becomes the company’s new president with 3.6 million active members and is adding 3,000 members daily.

“I’m excited to build the brand at such an important time for the business and industry. While sugar dating has, in one form or another, been around for centuries, the popularity and acceptance of these type of relationships has increased significantly over the past decade. This is a business that is poised for substantial growth and long-term success. I’m excited to lead that charge.

“It’s a unique mentorship opportunity for young women who are working toward completing their education or starting out in their own careers. The site is a way to connect with established, successful men who can provide not only companionship and romantic excitement, but also career counseling and networking opportunities.

“The reality is that women do not need to compromise education, finances or employment to make ends meet. Here they can secure their security with powerful and influential men helping them transition from starving student to successful businesswoman.”

Kayden attended California State University before making her career in the adult-entertainment world with a Vivid Video contract. She has been featured on “Dateline NBC” and in a New York Times article on Sept. 5 explained why after the birth of her daughter she would only work in X-rated films with her husband, Manuel Ferrara, or other actresses.

I talked with Kayden just before she announced her new role.

As the new president of, let me understand it in shorthand: It’s a website that matches up presumably wealthy guys with women who are younger than them who need financial help and guidance?

That’s correct. Right now our biggest growing demographic of men is 29 to 35, and at this point they’re successful, they’ve hit their stride, and their salary is pretty solid. And they’re looking for women who are like-minded and attractive and looking for something more casual than the traditional relationship that leads to marriage.

Is there an age limit on the age of the guys who can join?

There’s no age limit on either side. Our site is unique in that we’re dealing with, rather than the 1 percenters, the kind of stereotypical older working man, we’re dealing with men who are still very well off and would rather spend the money on company than, for example, another expensive car or another large house.

I’m presuming that nothing is implied with this, right? This is just dating? Sugar daddy dating?

Nothing is implied. It’s a site designed to allow conversations and meetings between people who are very upfront about what they’re looking for. It is a dating site. It’s people looking for relationships. It’s not one and done, and you don’t see each other again.

You have 3.6 million members and 3,000 joining daily. Has it been successful in matching up wealthy guys with needy young ladies?

Presumably, it has; it keeps growing. Obviously, people become members and what happens from there is between them. I would assume with the growth we’re experiencing, it’s been very successful.

Did you ever use it yourself?

No, I obviously came from adult entertainment. I went that route, and I know for a lot of women that’s really not a very desirable job because it’s so public. The reason I wanted to get involved with this company is because you see relationships like this, they’ve always existed, but there’s a growing openness about them.

I think they make the dating pool bigger, and I think it helps that there is so much conversation before you even hit the first date. That would make the dating process easier and maybe the chasing; the weeding out is easier.

Have you given up on screen acting?

I haven’t given up completely. I still do select projects. I’ll actually be doing a project where we’ll hopefully incorporate exposure for Arrangement Finders. I’ve moved away from performing for other people for almost two years now.

I asked that question because I read the article in The New York Times.

I still work with Manuel, and occasionally we’ll hire other females to do particular scenes. I shoot probably four to five days a year, myself and the girls or myself and Manuel. I’m more of a hobbyist now with it than a career person.

As an active dating site president, is the system alive and well in America?

I think it’s lost all of the stereotype that was clinging to it, and it seems to be for a lot of people the go-to choice over going out in the wild and risking rejection. This is a situation where when a pair comes together, they’re like-minded, obviously, if they both want to be in a relationship of this sort.

It’s mismatched in terms of they’re probably of a slightly different generation, and they’re slightly different status. Usually the man has the wealth and success and he’s older, and the woman has the looks and that ambition and she’s younger. They even out.

How is this year’s Adult Entertainment Expo for you?

I’m enjoying it very much except for my feet. I come here in high heels and run down my feet with all the walking and standing. But other than that it’s going really well.

How does this year compare with previous years?

We’re seeing a lot more vendors who are not video production companies. Arrangement planners is a perfect example. That says production is kind of in a decline. It will never go away completely, but piracy has definitely taken a toll. The interest in sex and sex-related products never goes away. You’re seeing the companies who provide tangible goods and other things that aren’t being pirated pop up.

In a backward way, they are now helping fund production. The products also give residuals to the girls. Maybe those girls aren’t making a bunch of money performing; I’m a perfect example. I don’t perform for other people and don’t make my money there, but my residuals for products pay off.

So you’re sticking to your self-imposed rule of only filming with your husband, Manuel, and other girls?

Yes. It’s a hobby now, so I’m basically just doing what we’re all comfortable with right now. My first scene in the porn movie business was in 2006, and I believe my last scene was in April 2012. I took a hiatus and then ever since it’s been a scene here, a scene there.

As a mom with a little daughter, you look back on those years and you come to what conclusion, if any?

I haven’t come to a conclusion regarding porn as it relates to my daughter. For me, though, those were amazing years. Those were years of experience and world travel and access to a kind of lifestyle I probably would have never come anywhere near otherwise.

I had a lot of exposure and dealings with girls who came in the industry who I feel could have been better prepared by their parents, and I had a lot of experience with girls who came in the industry because it ultimately is what they were after and they were completely living life the way they wanted to live.

I want to raise the type of daughter who lives her life the way she wants to live. I want to raise a strong person who is self-directed. Whatever she does with that, good for her because I know she’s going to be doing it for the right reasons.

Are you enjoying being a mom and away from the cameras?

More than anything that I’ve ever experienced, yes. But I wouldn’t have swapped the adult business for anything. I had a really good time while I was doing it.

I only got into it in the first place because it looked very interesting. I was very aware I think more than maybe some other girls who come in just because the sort of route I took. I was very aware of the travel and the really unique experiences you get from being in a contract.

With the sugar daddy dating site, is this the right way to exit from onscreen performances?

I’m not exactly exiting. I’m still a hobbyist. I think it’s a really, really great transition. I’m able to bring to it everything I’ve spent the almost last 10 years gathering. I have a huge amount of experience and information from that. There aren’t many places you can take a wealth of pornographic information, but this is a company that can definitely benefit from what I have to offer.

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The 2016 AVN/Adult Entertainment Expo and 2016 AVN Awards return to the Hard Rock Hotel next January.

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