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March 26, 2019

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Q+A, Part 1:

Las Vegas madam spills call-girl secrets: Olympian was one of her high-priced hookers

Las Vegas Madam


Las Vegas madam Jami Rodman, aka Haley Heston.

Las Vegas Madam

The employees of Las Vegas madam Jami Rodman, aka Haley Heston, included Olympian Suzy Favor-Hamilton, pictured here second from left at Stiletto Dash in December 2012 at Palazzo. Launch slideshow »
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Las Vegas madam Jami Rodman, aka Haley Heston.

Haley Heston’s escort agency in Las Vegas with its $1,500-a-night gorgeous call girls erupted into a worldwide headline scandal when three-time Olympian Suzy-Favor Hamilton revealed that she was one of the city’s most-sought-after escorts leading a double life as Kelly Lundy — wife, mother and American sweetheart, and charging as much as $1,000 an hour for sexual favors.

Now Haley has revealed her real-life name of Jami Rodman, a small-town girl from a Christian family in Oregon, and lifted the curtain on how her high-class agency ruled the world’s oldest profession for a new book, “The Las Vegas Madam: The Escorts, The Clients, The Truth.”

The candid narration of the underground Las Vegas world of sex and hookers is her story of the quest for sexual adventures in Sin City. Some of the individual rates were as high as five figures for 24-hour dates.

Jami’s shockingly honest and unforgettable memoir of her 10-year run building one of the most elite escort agencies in the nation will be published in December and is now available for pre-order at Her story exploded in December 2012 and again in January 2013 when ex-Olympian Suzy was revealed, and Jami, then 35, was named by the Smoking Gun as the agency chief.

Jami was never arrested in connection with the operation of the escort agency. She was briefly jailed for failing to appear in court on a speeding citation in August 2012.

Suzy’s memoir, “Fast Girl: A Life Spent Running From Madness,” is a wrenching recollection of the demons that drove the track and field Olympic star to work as a $600-an-hour Las Vegas prostitute and was published last week. The women remain good friends, and Suzy encouraged Jami to write her life story.

On a recent return visit to Las Vegas where she watched “Sexxy” at Westgate Las Vegas, Jami, 37, met up with me for this brain-spinning, two-part interview that details her rise from small-town girl to high-priced call girl to madam.

It’s a cocktail of erotic pleasures, big money and hot women rubbing shoulders with wealthy men between the sheets. Looking at Jami, she’s the last woman you’d ever think was a queenpin of the sex business. She dressed demurely, wearing a modest, over-the-knee skirt, and is quietly pretty and definitely not a voluptuous bombshell.

First of all, why did you get into the business?

It’s the infamous subject. In Las Vegas, everything seems a little unconventional based on our former lives. Most of us there are transplants. To my friends and I, escorting was more logical, and often safer, than the dating scene. We were young and living in a city where one-night stands were the norm following a long night of clubbing.

Beautiful people selling sex was seemingly everywhere — on billboards, in magazines, ads for nightclubs and restaurants — and the more provocative one was, the better she did financially. So when the tipping point presented itself — I was cocktail waitressing and dancing at a strip club, plus flat broke with bills to pay — I took it.

It just feels normal. The sex industry in Las Vegas is more open than it is anywhere else. It’s the backbone of the city. Driving down the street, going to a nightclub, even the billboards for sushi restaurants show mostly naked women. It’s the culture of the city.

Except for one thing: Prostitution is illegal in Las Vegas. It’s OK in Pahrump, Nye County, but not here in Clark County.

Well, prostitution is not legal from a textbook standpoint, but we all know that it’s the unspoken draw and lure for a lot of people. I mean what happens in Vegas stays in Vegas. Do something you’ve never done before. I have not lived here for a couple of years, but every time I come back, I see new taglines that seem to hint that it’s a sexual playground and do everything you want to do, get it out of your system, go home and be a new person for it.

It is illegal. I can’t really talk about all the legal issues of what I was doing until December when the book is published. So as far as the escort agency and keeping it more as a modeling agency, I mean we all know that the escort agencies exist. You see the “1-800 girls direct to you” billboard signs, and they’re still there; they’re not pulled off the Strip.

You see the card slappers down on the Strip in front of the hotels and everywhere else. There are modeling agencies. What we did was provide companionship. We did not provide prostitution services. When a guy hires a woman for companionship or a date, it’s because he wants to feel good about himself.

Go out for a drink, sit across from a pretty woman and have a conversation that doesn’t involve a to-do list or the kids need schoolbooks or college tuition needs to be paid or I need a new car, so, ching, ching, can I be the ATM. He just wants to have a carefree evening and know that at the end of the night he’s feeling better about who he was.

You have a delightful way of putting it. We can now mention that the book is out in December, yes?

It is, yes. It will be released Dec. 11. It’s available for preorder now at and on Kindle. It’s for any woman who wants to know what her husband really wants in the bedroom. Any man who wants to know what an escort is really thinking when they’re together.

You’re described as the infamous Las Vegas Madam. Are you out of the business, or are you still a madam?

I’m not in the business. I left after all of the drama, but I still maintain friendships with many of the girls. I didn’t madam them out, per se. I started an agency at the suggestion of a client I was dating at the time. It seemed like a good idea. All of us in Las Vegas felt the economic downturn pretty hard.

I had a lot of friends from my previous escort days, and they were all looking for a way to increase business. I could use the added income while my other business got off the ground. Over the course of a weekend, I started building a website, and, a few months later, there we were.

How many girls did you have in your escort agency?

Over the course of the three years, I would guess anywhere from 200 to 300 came through our agency. A lot of them were Playboy models, Maxim models, career women. Most of them did have a life on the other side, and this was more of their secret hobby, just as Suzy did. At any given time, we had maybe 60 working with us. We had a front-end website, then more of a members-only area where women had to maintain an even higher discretion,

It was the Haley Heston Private Collection. That was my name during my run as an escort. I never expected to become as involved with all the women. When they had problems at home, with their families and children, I was there to listen and help. I was their sounding board. Then, when I started seeing a different side to prostitution — specifically the pimps and how they handle their business — it was even more difficult to watch how it affected my friends.

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The employees of Las Vegas madam Jami Rodman, aka Haley Heston, included Olympian Suzy Favor-Hamilton, pictured here second from left at Stiletto Dash in December 2012 at Palazzo.

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The employees of Las Vegas madam Jami Rodman, aka Haley Heston, included Olympian Suzy Favor-Hamilton, pictured here at Stiletto Dash in December 2012 at Palazzo.

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The employees of Las Vegas madam Jami Rodman, aka Haley Heston, included Olympian Suzy Favor-Hamilton, pictured here.

So the book goes into two parts. The first part is a memoir of when I started escorting in Las Vegas. How I climbed from basically a small-town girl to waitressing at the Rio, then a strip club, then I started dancing, moved into escorting, then became a little bit more of a companion, traveled with clients. It’s that growth process all of us will go through in Las Vegas.

The experiences of transforming into a Las Vegas person where, as you know, the nightclubs never end, there’s no delineation between night and day as we lose our real identity pretty quickly if we don’t have a grounding element like a family or a job or a “real life.”

When you were growing up, did you know that there were such things as escort agencies, or was it all new to you when you came to Las Vegas?

Actually, I had looked into escort agencies. I stumbled across high-end escort agency websites when I was younger. I stumbled across Playboy magazines when I was very young with my friend. We would visit her dad’s shed during school time and skip classes to peruse these beautiful magazines of women.

The same thing with the online agencies. It’s pictures of gorgeous women, and it doesn’t seem like a bad career move. You make a lot of money to go on dates, go to expensive restaurants and wear fancy clothes. I grew up in a very rigid Christian home, so my real life was quite the opposite.

Rebel child?

Yes. My family had a lot of standards. No pants, no music, no TV, no makeup, all of those things that to a young girl seem fun. I wanted to wear makeup and cut my hair. I didn’t know that Las Vegas existed at the time. My family didn’t visit Las Vegas. I got involved with cultural anthropology and sociology.

I got my degree very young, and I worked in the social services department in Oregon — mental health, rehab, family services. I just went to Las Vegas on vacation, and like many of us we just stay. That’s the classic Las Vegas story, and the rest was history.

Girls doing what your girls did are known by many names: escort, prostitute, call girl, courtesan, sugar baby, hooker. What’s the distinction?

I apply these labels loosely. Although they come with different rates and expectations, a hooker might spread her legs for a quickie in the back seat of a car. An escort puts in more time, invests in lingerie to take it off with notes of a song. Maybe a courtesan does all the above but adds conversation over a glass of wine to mimic the act of a long-lost girlfriend.

However, at the end of the day, when it’s all said and done, we all played all roles. We saw the same guys. We went through similar internal struggles. Our buyers — johns, clients, customers, tricks and sugar daddies — were equally alike. Most importantly, we all faced deep life changes because of the choices we made to identify ourselves with those labels.

Where did you find the Olympian Suzy Favor-Hamilton?

Suzy found us. She and her husband called us for a threesome; I believe it was their anniversary. It wasn’t uncommon to get threesome requests like that. They really liked it, it was their first threesome, and it wasn’t a full day after that she fell in love with it herself and she called back for a male escort, saw him for a week, then pretty quickly she wanted to try out escorting herself.

So he hired a girl, then she hired a guy, then she became an escort?

That is correct. She’s not in the business anymore. She and her husband are still together. She talks about it quite openly.

So Haley Heston went through 200 to 300 escorts. What was the pricing structure? Were you booked for two hours or the entire evening?

We began in 2009 to 2010-ish. It all ended in 2012. We were a boutique agency, and we weren’t a very large call agency. We paid a lot of attention to dating, per se. Clients were able to find out the details, read an introduction about a girl before he ever decided to pursue a date with her. A lot of them were extended-hour dates, multiple hours.

We did a lot of parties where guys would be in town for a business event, and he’d want five girls to hang out with him at a nightclub. He would call five girls and hang out at a nightclub. The pricing structure really depended on each model herself.

We were more of a screening firm as opposed to an agency who treated their models like employees. They were not employees. They were independent contractors. Everyone set their own goals and rates, and rates were $500 to $600 an hour up to $1,000.

And that price did not include any sexual shenanigans?

Correct. That was the date. Anything that happens between two adults while they were on a date was between them. We didn’t get shut down, actually. I chose to terminate my end of the company because there is so much media attention on me and the agency and Suzy, but we didn’t get shut down. I wound it down.

And I’m assuming that the girls who you had on your books moved to other agencies?

A lot of them went independent. I sat down with every single model that we had worked with, and I helped her transition into doing everything on her own. If they wanted to work with an agency, and some of them did because they didn’t want the hassle of checking and emails — all the back-end logistics of forming a company — I referred them to agencies that would be good to work for. Some are great to work for, some are not so good to work for.

Are there escort agencies similar to what you were still operating in Las Vegas today?

There’s a small handful because it’s difficult to break into the industry in Las Vegas because of the bad reputation a lot of agencies have. They advertise $250 an hour, a girl shows up, and guys who call those agencies assume that everything happens for $250. They get disappointed when the girl comes in and starts negotiating different rates for certain …

Those types of agencies charge a price per act, and men who typically go through them don’t understand that pricing structure, and they’re disappointed. The reputation of agencies in Las Vegas is of such a nature, to break into the industry takes a lot of time and dedication.

You spill secrets in your book, so are clients who may still be in Las Vegas likely to shake in their boots?

Absolutely not. It’s not a tell-all. I don’t name anyone in the book. The book is a memoir. When it gets into talking about those types of secrets, it’s more from a sociological perspective. I don’t name anyone, I don’t shame anyone; that wasn’t my intent with the book.

Did Suzy ever admit to a price that she may have negotiated for consenting behavior?

I do know that escorting was not a form of business for her. I think that’s where we get into some delineation between types of prostitutes vs. escorts vs. companions. Especially in Las Vegas because we all know that there are straight prostitutes, there are streetwalkers, there are women who prefer to just negotiate a price per act, then there are women who prefer to go out on a date for the enjoyment of the date, and that’s where Suzy comes in.

She truly did look at prostitution as a way of fulfilling her interest and hobbies, and for her it was fun. So as far as negotiating a price for services, I don’t think that was her intent. For her, it was more, “Wow, this is great. I love having sex, and if I can get paid for it, why not?”

What did it cost to book Suzy for an evening without the additional fun fee?

Up to $5,000 for an evening date. Five hours?

Can you tell me what the most expensive fee would be for one of the girls who worked for you, or would it have been Suzy?

No, there were other women who perhaps maybe wanted to see someone once a week or something. I think the most expensive dollar mark was $1,500 for an hour, so five hours — $7,500.

Expensive business. Plus the cost of dinner and drinks for the two?

But, hey, how much does it cost to get a divorce, which is what I heard many times: “I would rather hire an escort for an evening than go and have an affair, get caught, my wife sue me for divorce, then I end up spending $5 million on her because I felt promiscuous that night.”

So $1,500 for an hour would be the going rate, then on top of that would be whatever the consenting adult negotiation would be, correct?

That’s where we get into the delineation between boutique agencies who are honest vs. large call agencies who negotiate prices for extended behaviors. The agency/screening firm worked more like a dating website, per se, where clients could view different women and decide who he would like to spend his time. What we did as a firm was do the screening for them, then the negotiation of, “OK, let’s meet on this day or night,” would happen between the guy and the woman.

It’s an age-old question, but why do men have affairs in terms of what your agency provided?

I think the reason men and women have affairs is because they no longer feel special with their partner. Based on what I heard many times with clients, they sought escorts instead of having affairs because it was safer. They believed that it would save their marriage.

When men hire someone for companionship, for them it’s easy to flip that emotional switch on and off. He looks at it like a business transaction: “OK, I just paid for the service this time, and because of that, I don’t have to get emotionally involved.” For him, he hires companions because it saves his marriage. It’s not as bad as cheating.

There was an interesting observation in your book that escorts provide companionship for clients, but in the reverse they do not have their own companions. They have loneliness.

I didn’t realize this while I was doing it. It took me time to figure this out. Many years of letting it stew and therapy in all of this, but escorting is one of the loneliest jobs ever. I still talk to women who call me as a mentor, and, regardless of how successful she is as an escort, they have extreme loneliness because they don’t feel, like me as well, I didn’t feel like anyone really understood.

In Las Vegas, a lot of escorts, including me, turned into alcoholics, or they used drugs constantly. They’re always socializing and partying because of a deep feeling of loneliness. There’s just not a close friend we have, and it pushes us away from our friends and family back home.

We do form a few friendships with women in the industry, but they’re closed and guarded friendships because we don’t know who we can trust. We get burned a lot by other escorts when they try to steal clients, or they want to cause problems with us, or they tell our boyfriends what we’re doing. There’s camaraderie, but there’s still a major closed-off element to it.

We have to protect ourselves from clients because many of them fall in love with us, or they fall in love with the concept we represent to them, that we accept them, we do things that maybe their wives don’t do, so we have to close ourselves off. It creates more of an isolation.

Were you surprised at your male clients? Were there big names involved?

Because of the nature of Las Vegas, everyone seems to come there, and in time we had a reputation of being honest and reliable. Part of that is because I had been in the industry myself for a number of years, and I know that remaining anonymous is very important to guys in this industry, and we provided that.

I didn’t pry into their personal lives, I didn’t require them to hand over their driver’s license, I didn’t ask who they were in their private lives. There’s a whole other world to the sex industry, and when we’re in it, we create a fake name, fake phone number, fake email address, and we build this persona that is fake. I wouldn’t know if they were Hollywood showbiz stars or Washington, D.C., politicians or Wall Street moguls because I didn’t ask them.

Are you happy you’re out of the business?

I am. I’ve moved on, and I have a lot of interesting things going on. I had a great time when I was in Las Vegas and a lot of fun memories. Now I have a lot more interesting things moving forward into the future.

Was writing the book a catharsis?

Yeah, it was. I learned a lot about myself and other people, and I was able to take away an appreciation for the time and opportunity that I had there. It’s all out on the table now, my whole life, history, feelings and thoughts. Some are embarrassing and painful, but they’re the truth. During my time as an escort and madam, I did things normal people do. I went to school. I worked. I started a company.

I didn’t give up my whole life to become an escort and madam. To me, being an escort was a chance to explore, an accessory to my life. It was fun times remembered with a smile. Being an escort is a myriad of emotions, a constant shift of excitement, enjoyment, disgust, boredom and loneliness. Escorts are lonely. We socialize constantly.

Haley Heston today is long gone, but how do you sum it all up?

Oh, such a good question. The whole 10 years, my decade in Las Vegas, I would say it was a flash in the pan. I came out of it, but it happened so fast. I’m very happy, very content and comfortable in my own skin today. I do not regret who I am. I’ve had the opportunity to empower women, and men, and change their lives in ways I never could have without being an escort and madam.

I met a lot of amazing and fascinating people. I traveled to places I never would have otherwise. I was able to explore my sexual curiosities in a positive and safe manner. I’ve saved marriages, freed girls from pimps and traveled around the world doing humanitarian work. I don’t see any reason to be ashamed of that.

One day you’ll get married and have children and be just like the normal wife of the men who once called you?

I’m not so sure if I’d so go far as to say that, but, if I do, then I’ll know how to make my husband happy, right?

• • •

On Thursday in Part 2, more from Jami Rodman and the unsettling story of how Olympian Suzy Favor-Hamilton lived the life of an expensive call girl here in Las Vegas.

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