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July 27, 2017

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Q+A: Vermont DJ Morgan Page at Light talks ‘In the Air,’ food, Bernie Sanders


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DJ Morgan Page

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DJ Morgan Page, 34, knows exactly where he stands in the presidential election this year.

“I love Bernie Sanders. I’ve met him. You sometimes see him around town. He’s a super-nice guy, and I am supporting him,” Page said. “He’s better than Hillary Clinton, and he’s definitely better than Donald Trump.”

Page talked over the phone Wednesday afternoon ahead of his set at Light in Mandalay Bay tonight and discussed his SiriusXM show “In the Air,” his love of Thai food and fellow Vermont native and Democratic presidential candidate Sanders.

You’re recording your set at Light at Mandalay Bay on Saturday night for your SiriusXM show “In the Air’s” 300th episode. What can fans expect Saturday night?

Special mashups and edits for the radio show. I always try to be unique and special. Two shows are being recorded. I always strive for diversity, so classics, deep house, bass, progressive stuff. I like to keep people guessing, and I I hope it works.

What have you enjoyed most about hosting your own SiriusXM show the past six years?

Having the power to highlight songs and be a tastemaker. It’s incredible to hear people tell me that they’ve listened to every show. One fan told me that he lost 60 pounds listening to my shows and music. I’m an avid runner myself, so it means a lot. Dance music is great for working out and losing weight!

You’ve headlined indoors and outdoors in Las Vegas as a resident DJ. Do you prefer indoor or outdoor shows?

They’re both different. It’s very surreal to be outdoors like at Red Rocks Amphitheater in Colorado, which is my favorite place to perform, or the Gorge in Washington, another incredible place.

What do you think of Light?

Light is one of the best nightclubs — it’s high energy. They took their time with the sound system and layout. Light is interesting because it’s a wide nightclub, so it works powerfully visually. I see only a certain perspective as a DJ in the booth. The crowd has the best perspective.

What do you like about performing in Las Vegas?

It’s a rotating group of fans to random people in there who are just discovering you. It’s all about finding new audiences and the die-hards and offering new music. You sometimes never know what’s going to happen, but everyone is celebrating something. People are letting go — that’s the key thing in Las Vegas.

How did you get your start in DJ’ing?

I was making music on my own back when computers were barely powerful enough to create music. In early middle school and high school, I was listening to college radio and was naive enough to think that I could make better music and bought music magazines from the U.K. and elsewhere in Europe. I was a college radio intern, then managed a radio station.

Your 2015 album “DC to Light” was powered by clean energy methods. Tell me about that.

It’s pretty cool. I live that lifestyle — I drive an electric car. The album theme is about being powered by the sun. My home and studio are powered by solar panels. They cut two-thirds of my power bill; they make an enormous dent.

Who is on your wish list of collaborators?

It’s always changing and unattainable. Right now it’s Ellie Goulding and Adele. We reached out to Adele, and she actually responded. She was pregnant at the time, and the response was, “She’s busy having a kid” (laughs). I have a running list to keep up with sounds and trends.

With two months of 2016 in the books now, what is a goal or resolution that you have for 2016?

To release more music regularly. The album format is more difficult, so more singles to get more music out there. I don’t want to keep the fans waiting.

What advice would you give a DJ entering the industry today?

It’s always important to be unique. New DJs start out by copying a sound and fail to create their own sound. Have a vision and a plan. It’s good to have one big hit, but it shouldn’t be the only thing. It’s very difficult to have a string of songs that get out there.

You’re from Vermont — do you get home often?

I try to go a couple of times a year. I like to go there when it’s warm and skip it when it’s winter. But I usually try to visit in the summer and at Christmas, when it is definitely cold.

I have to ask with your Vermont background: Are you supporting Bernie Sanders?

Yeah! I love Bernie Sanders. I’ve met him. You sometimes see him around town. He’s a super-nice guy, and I am supporting him. He’s better than Hillary Clinton, and he’s definitely better than Donald Trump. He’s an amazing guy, one of the smartest politicians out there. He might be too honest and true. He’s an amazing guy.

Final question: What do you like to do for fun in Las Vegas when you’re not working?

I’m a big foodie. I love Lotus of Siam. I love Thai food. That place is always busy. Do you have a secret to getting in there? I think we’re planning a big, fun dinner Saturday night. I also like Container Park and to get off the Strip, like to Red Rock Canyon. I love food and spas — massages are always great.

DJ Morgan Page spins at Light in Mandalay Bay tonight. Doors open at 10 p.m.

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