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21st at LAX

21st at LAX

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Sunday, March 9, 2008 | 3 a.m.

Parents share the unexpected experience of their daughter’s 21st birthday at PURE Management’s LAX nightclub.

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  1. Ridiculous.. Besides never stepping foot near the place and telling anyone I know about this situation, I'll never read or listen to another story about this place.

  2. Excellent report and interview! Nearly $1,000 to have a good time for a night at some club? No thanks, I would rather spend the money on a weekend trip out of town.

    These nightclubs had it all going for them, up until the recent federal raids. Think about it, you have a clientele who is either too inebriated to realize how much money they're spending or indifferent about spending thousands to have a good time.

    The shameless behavior of some in the nightclub business, demanding customers tip them at every turn and for what, VIP security? Give me a break!

  3. how about the $20 to valet park at any hotel on a weekend night, same goes to a restaurant to get table. listen people this is how vegas was built, there are more crooked arms here than anywhere else.

  4. Waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa! Next time, take the girls to Olive Garden.

  5. The LAX Doorman has a lot of explaining to do to the taxman.

    I seriously doubt he declared 500k in tip wages.

    He will have to rat out his bosses who took the lions share of that loot.

  6. WOW, $100 to walk you to table? Where can I apply? ha ha I agree with RPJ next time go out somewhere else and there are lots of places to go out dancing on the strip for F R E E . Good for you to bring this to everyone's attention.

  7. First off $1000 to party in one of Vegas' top nightclub is nothing! 20% is added to the bill not 28%. LAX has 60 tables and a average weekend night they sell 80 - 100 tables you do the math, you want your table and didnt prepay the bottle service then your gonna have to tip no not saying as much as he did thats just plain insane. I worked in LAX and for pure managment for sometime. I have a hard time beleiving they didnt see the security after they tipped him because each section has 4 security hosts per section. If you party is taking up another table then well you have to buy the minimum amount of bottles for that table aswell and from what they are saying a two bottle minimum for a table qwould mean it wasnt your average night at LAX there was special guests and events going on. as for the host sitting another group next to these people hey it happens buy the other table to if you want privacy or should have asked for private rooms (LAX has 4). Oh and nkls3713 the LAX didnt make 500k you're thinking of Pure and even then its far from the truth. This is vegas dont want to spend money stay home or move to another area for cheaper nightsout.

  8. Businesses can justify overcharging for services and forcing customers to stand in line and tip to be serviced properly all they want. It doesn't change the fact that the business is overcharging. Especially at those prices the customers should be treated extremely well. I have been treated better for less. As for moving out of Las Vegas to seek better and cheaper entertainment, that is not an option. I find it appalling that I cannot find a reasonbly priced venue in Las Vegas for my daughter's 21st birthday besides the run of the mill local bars. Anything reasonably decorated and entertaining would do. I don't truly understand the clubbing concept. I understand the urge to do something special for a daughter though. I guess I will forego the way too expensive for what you get club scene. Hopefully, others will see it for what it is and quit contributing to the cash cow. Perhaps then prices will come down to a reasonable level. (Also, I truly doubt even at those prices I or anyone I knew would meet any celebrities. I think Kathy Griffin pretty much clarifies that scene.)

  9. These are the comments that hurt the businesses that deserve it, I'm a company owner here in Vegas and I have never been to Pure or LAX, I tend to stick to the locals clubs. Now after reading these comments (specially the one from "someguy" who obviously works for a club and really don't give a crap) I would never visit these clubs and I will never take my clients there. Now, the way I see it is that the unreported $500 paid to the employees will turn into $2000 loss to the owners. If any of the owners are reading this, maybe you should do the math. Take a good example from our friends in Tijuana, Mexico. The cops were given slingshots to prevent them from using their authority and scamming tourists out of their shopping/drinking cash. The club owners new this was hurting their business and the overall economy, bonded and did something about it. What are you going to do? Are you going to allow your employees to take in your revenue and keep people like us from visiting your venue or will you put a stop and remind them that we are the reason why they have a job? Oh yeah, one more thing, to the big bouncer that just stared at the ceiling and smile at the girls while I asked where the bathroom was, if you had been a little polite and answered a simple question you would still have a job.

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