Las Vegas Sun

July 4, 2015

Fremont Hotel Has Gala Opening Ceremony Today

A formal opening ceremony will mark the opening of the Hotel Fremont at 12 a.m today with City Manager A.H. Kenned cutting the ribbon at the welcoming festivities.

Edward Levinson, president of the Fremont corporation, has extended a blanket invitation to citizens of Las Vegas to attend the opening.

With the opening of the new Fremont Hotel the Southern Nevada Telephone Company has provided Las Vegas with one of the most modern and finest public attendant pay stations in the country. Constructed by the telephone company in excess of $25,000, the public pay station is located on the mezzanine floor of the hotel providing round-the-clock service. In addition, monthly bills may be paid at the new station from 8 a.m. to 5 p.m..

Appointments and decor, on a plane similar to that of the hotel, were designed by J, Mahler Weller, local architect. Fourteen telephone booths, one of which will include special equipment for the hard-of-hearing, are provided for long distance calls, with additional pay phones for local service. Customers awaiting calls can be paged in any area of the hotel.

The public has been invited to inspect the new quarters and make use of its facilities.

"Hotel Fremont wants to be friends and neighbors to the people of Las Vegas," said Levinson. "This is your hotel--we built this edifice with only one thought in mind--downtown Las Vegas had need for a central community gathering place for meetings, banquets, confrences and for parting, and we have supplied that need.'

Besides the mainfloor diningroom, coffee shop, Carnival room, and the casino, the hotel will house the banquet room, the Press Club, and the TV station K-SHO, salesman's sample rooms, the health club and the Ground Observer Corps station on thr roof top of the structure.

The hotel will have complete catering service for any size party or meeting with food prepared in either American style, continental or Cantonese style supervised by two of the greatest culinary artists in their fields. Billy Gwon and Charles Schilling. Top entertainment will be featured from 5 p.m. till dawn. Administrating the food and beverage departments Eddie Torres will concentrate of doing business in the city of Las Vegas in every case possible.

Morrie Glass will manage Fremont's guest relations and services.

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