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February 11, 2016

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Photo: Students fron UNLV's Food and Beverage program pre
From appetizers to desserts, UNLV class imparts restaurant management skills
“Restaurant Management” is the brainchild of Mohsen Azizsoltani, a longtime hospitality management professor at UNLV who started the class last year. The focus is to teach students how to pair food with an appropriate wine while also helping them learn the key skills required to run a successful restaurant.
Photo: Suzanne Swanson, Diane Palm and Joel Mann of Jubil
Forever a showgirl, Diane Palm bids adieu to ‘Jubilee’
You feel this moment coming as Diane Palm talks of her days in “Jubilee.” This feeling hangs heavily over the conversation, that sense that stuff is about to get real. It happens when Palm is asked what advice she would give herself ...
Photo: Curtis Stone, Matt Erickson, Jose Andres and Rob F
Jose Andres hosts Dine-N-Dash with Curtis Stone, talks marriage of Chinese, Mexican cuisine
It was a double whammy when celebrity chef Jose Andres stormed into town for his first-ever Dine-N-Dash dinner crawl. Only this rambunctious and enthusiastic culinary king could turn a dine-around into an extraordinary eating extravaganza at SLS Las Vegas.
All cars should be self-driving here
I write to you on a very sad day. Someone in a stolen vehicle, eluding police, driving down Rainbow Boulevard at a reported speed of 100 mph, T-boned an innocent driver at Spring Mountain Road, killing her.
PUC shouldn’t be an elected body
In the Jan. 26 letter to the Sun, “PUC goes against residents’ wishes,” the author suggests it would be a good idea to replace the three Public Utilities Commission members with elected officials. There are several reasons this is a poor idea.
Heroin scourge is scarier than ISIS
Recently, “60 Minutes” had a 10-minute segment on heroin addiction and deaths in Ohio. It claimed more people die from heroin addiction each year than from car accidents. It is way more serious than the ISIS scare in America, which has killed a fraction of what drugs have killed.
Choose Clinton, not a revolution
Let’s not have a political revolution. We had one. Chicago, the ’60s, the Vietnam War, hippies, Gene McCarthy. The revolution did not work then, and it’s pie in the sky now.
Court’s wisdom won’t just affect teeth-whitening
It is frequently said that, unfortunately, Americans disdain government. It is more usefully said that, unfortunately, they have abundant reasons for doing so. In coming days, the Supreme Court, by deciding to hear a case from Connecticut, can begin limiting a contemptible government abuse that the court’s passive deference to legislatures has encouraged.
Sanders is palatable, but is he electable?
When Bernie Sanders won election as mayor of Burlington, Vt., in 1981, I called his office to see if there was a story there about a socialist elected official. I was interning at The Washington Post (I didn’t mention the intern part!) and spoke at length to some assistant who answered the phone in the mayor’s office.
Groundhog Day isn’t over for mistake-repeating GOP
By now everyone who follows politics knows about Marco Rubio’s software-glitch performance in the most recent Republican debate. (I’d say broken-record performance, but that would be showing my age.) Not only did he respond to a challenge from Chris Christie about his lack of achievements by repeating, verbatim, the same line from his stump speech he had used a moment earlier; when Christie mocked his canned delivery, he repeated the same line yet again.

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