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May 4, 2015

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Photo: Nevada State Sen. Tick Segerblom, D-Las Vegas, tak
Growth industry: Nevada lawmakers get up-close view of Colorado’s pot business
Sen. Patricia Farley, R-Las Vegas, said a recent fact-finding trip to Colorado for a look at that state's marijuana industry "really opened my mind." What she discovered included ...
Water conservation efforts inadequate
California is far back at the end of the line in regard to conservation of water.
Lessons to learn from California
The column by Rep. Norma Torres of California (“While drought compels California to take action, others shouldn’t wait,” Las Vegas Sun, April 27) demands the state act immediately to upgrade its water infrastructure. Her admonition, unfortunately, is decades late and will produce solutions that are economically damaging and socially inequitable.
Preservation is worth the effort
With the recent observance of Earth Day (April 22) it seems fitting to recognize many of the incredible places we have in Nevada that help to make our state home.
The roots of Baltimore’s anguish
The violence that has engulfed Baltimore is visible and heartbreaking evidence of a city that has been under siege for decades.
The GOP’s gay problem
No matter how much we’d like the ceaseless chatter about gay marriage to go away, it won’t, not with the Supreme Court hearing another round of arguments on the issue last week and not with this inextinguishable debate over “religious freedom” laws. And we Republicans find ourselves in a bind, caught between the Bible Belt and a need for fresh accessorizing, between Mississippi and modernity, with evangelicals over here and millennials and soccer moms over there. We have a primary process that won’t graduate anyone who loves the gays too much but a general election that could, for the first ...
Goodness and power
There was an interesting poll result about Hillary Clinton recently. According to a Quinnipiac poll, 60 percent of independent voters believe she has strong leadership qualities. But when these same voters were asked if she is honest and trustworthy, the evaluations flipped. Sixty-one percent said she is not honest and trustworthy. Apparently there are a lot of Americans who believe Clinton is dishonest and untrustworthy but also a strong leader.
A ‘rough ride’ for Baltimore
Some people protest police brutality in ways that only remind us of why we need police. That’s how I feel about the Baltimore rioters who some news reports described as “protestors.”

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